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The US Navy manages to slip in over 21,000 more men under the cover of night on April 29, 1939. Three days later, the American's take to the offensive and quickly drive back the Soviets, and ultimately corner them at their last base, and capture General Zhukov, the Soviet commander. Iceland is now secure, but the war is not over yet. Roosevelt knows that Stalin is fortifying Europe, and the American's would be massacred if they try to land right away.

In Moscow, the loss of Iceland is not enormously important, as Stalin has other ideas. He orders Foreign Minister Molotov to approach the Japanese Prime Minister, Tojo, and offer an alliance against the US. Japan would, in return, get all the land in the Pacific they want, be it American, Chinese, British or French.

Tojo is unsure what to do, and holds of making the decision until he consults his allies in Tokyo.

What do they say?

No deals with the Bolsheviks!

Maybe, if we could get something more...

Good enough! Let's go for it!

Created by Tbguy1992 00:30, October 5, 2010 (UTC)

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