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The Americans decide that subtlety is the way to go. They begin establishing arms deals with every major rebel group in USSR controlled territory, and some not so major. These groups are glad to receive US aid, and agree. The US will start to send them guns and supplies in return for increased activity against the USSR.

However, something so major can not be completely hidden from the USSR. They get inklings of what is going on, and set about utterly crushing their internal rebels. As Communism says, the internal enemy is the most dangerous. The rebels put up a good fight, as they are starting to receive the shipments of weapons from the US. Monarchists, Black Russians, White Bolsheviks, each begin stepping up their attacks against the Communists. Some parts of Russian territory are completely lost to the Communist government, while other parts are being heavily contested. In addition, nationalist forces are beginning to reassert themselves in the conquered territories, and they are very much anti-Russian. The Red Army, that marvelous, nearly unlimited reserve of manpower, is beginning to shake from the strain, as they respond to crisis after crisis. There are mutterings of disloyalty against the government, but they are submerged.

America sees that their plan is coming together, and initiate phase two of Operation Soviet Downfall. Do you really need to ask what Phase 2 is?

General George S. Patton, a brilliant military strategist proposes something he said should have been done a long time ago; the invasion of the Soviet Union by US troops. America has become powerful from the war, if not a bit weary, but the Soviets have suffered millions of casualties, and are losing their grasp on the world. One final attack, Patton says, will surely wipe the bastards off the face of the Earth! Ten days from landing to Moscow, and Soviet Russia will be dead!

The other Generals agree wholeheartedly, but the President has yet to make up his mind

What the hell?  Go for it!

We may need backup. . .

Insanity.  Get him out of my sight!

Created by: Azecreth 18:30, October 4, 2010 (UTC)

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