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America appeals to other nations across the globe for aid. All of the Americas agrees, as do Australia and New Zealand, but neither China nor India accede to the plan. India stays quiet, but China informs the USSR of these plans. Shocked, the USSR decides on an immediate declaration of war. Caught by surprise, the allies are completely unable to defend Alaska or Canada. As Russian troops swarm up to the US- Canada border, India and China side with the USSR and invade Australia. Though more developed, Australia does not have the troops to defend itself (as most of them are in America) and is forced to withdraw all troops back from Maerica, further weakening that front. They hold the majority of the western half of Australia, but the Indians and Chinese push deeper everyday. In America, the President is faced with three dire choices, each one potentially fatal. After a year of warfare, his scientists have come up with a brilliant weapon. It has not been field tested, but they are sure this new 'Atomic Bomb' will work. The year is 1943.

What will he do?

Launch atomic strikes on Moscow, Berlin, Leningrad, and Vladivostok.

Launch smaller strikes against Soviet troops in Canada, thus weakening their lines, then launch a conventional strike.

Save the nukes for a more dire situation. For now, just wait and hope the situation gets better.

The Royal Guns (talk) 16:04, July 10, 2012 (UTC)

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