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February 14, 2011: - United Nations Security Council calls for ceasefire in Idaho - United Nations Flag SWITZERLAND: The UN Security Council in Geneva, Switzerland called for a ceasefire to the conflict between the Free States and United States along the Idaho border. The fighting has already claimed 100 lives and threatens to spiral out of control into total war. The United States, which has not been a member of the international organization since 1999, has not made a response to the UN's demands.

February 14, 2011: Julian Assange threatens United States - Flag of the United Kingdom UNITED KINGDOM: The WikiLeaks founder, who reports that he was shot at while walking through London, threatened the United States that if he is killed than documents related to the assassination of Lyndon Baines Johnson and the 1969 military coup will be released over the internet.

February 13, 2011: Canada and New England deals with illegal immigration from United States - Flag of CanadaNew England pine flag: The immigration agencies of both Canada and New England have reported massive numbers of American citizens immigrating into their country, many of them illegally.

February 13, 2011: Constitution suspended by Military - US 33 Star GreatStar Flag UNITED STATES: The military has announced that the Constitution will be suspended and "emergency elections" will be held this September to elect a provisional government. This news came as protests continued, with new demands to immediately reinstate democracy. Surprisingly, Vice President Sarah Palin has not been seen since President Buchanan's resignation. Though she should have succeeded him, since the military took over the reigns of the government she has communicated only by recorded statements saying she supports the military's temporary control of the government. Whether she will run for President in the new elections is unknown, but Fred Karger has already declared his candidacy.

Meanwhile, Admiral Mike Mullen of the Free States of America met with European Community commanders in Canada to discuss the security situation in North America and the ongoing border clashes along the Idaho border.

February 12, 2011: American style protests spread through Soviet Union - Flag of the Soviet Union SOVIET UNION: American style protests began in Moscow and Leningrad today, as students and other young protestors took to the streets to protest against the current government. With high food prices and staggering unemployment numbers, the Soviet Union is no longer the great superpower it once was. Its Pyrrhic victory in the Cold War left it unable to support its population nor for that matter compete with the European Community or China.

February 11, 2011: BREAKING NEWS UPDATE - President Buchanan resigns (for real this time) - US 33 Star GreatStar Flag UNITED STATES: The Gazette admits that we falsely reported that President Buchanan was resigning yesterday, but instead he gave a non-resignation speech. This speech infuriated protestors across the country who took to the streets in record numbers. Buchanan and his family are reported to have left Washington, D.C. for the resort town of Hilton Head, South Carolina where he has announced his resignation. Reactions to this announcement are still forthcoming and we promise to have more later. Meanwhile, the military has guaranteed that the reforms promised will happen.

February 10, 2011: BREAKING NEWS UPDATE - President Buchanan speaks - US 33 Star GreatStar Flag UNITED STATES: An announcement was made that President Buchanan will be stepping down as President. He will speaking to the entire United States from the Oval Office when he makes the announcement official. Celebrations across the country erupted as the protestors who vowed to take down the Christian Reform government realized they had accomplished there goal. Some foreign commentators, however, expressed worry and fear that what might come out of United States following Buchanan's departure might not be better and point out historical precedent for when democracy failed, such as 1930s Germany.

President Buchanan's speech, however, made no mention of resignation. He promised to return the Bill of Rights into full force, to form a task force to address concerns brought by protestors and to bring those responsible for attacking protestors and members of the media to justice. Until then he promised to remain president until elections in 2012.

February 9, 2011: Internet activist addresses jubilant crowd in Washington - US 33 Star GreatStar Flag UNITED STATES: Mark Zuckerberg, the young New England nationalist and internet activist, was released from prison today after pressure from the New England government. He addressed a screaming crowd of protestors to continue to fight for their freedom. Zuckerberg is suspected of being the organizer of the initial protest through the internet group Spirit of 69. He was arrested by the American government and held without charges shortly after the protests began.

Meanwhile an explosion destroyed a military recruitment center in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The mayor blamed it on anti-Buchanan protestors and government officials believe that the protestors are resorting to

February 8, 2011: The Gazette is back! - US 33 Star GreatStar Flag UNITED STATES: The Gazette apologizes the temporary shutdown in service. Pro-Buchanan protestors attacked our headquarters. We have moved to a new undisclosed location and will continue to report on the events here in American that appear to be leading us to a Third Civil War. With conflict along the Free/United States border and increased violence in American cities, the only hope we have is that President Buchanan's proposed reforms actually prevent the violence from spiraling into all-out war. We here at the Gazette pray for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

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February 3, 2011: Free States deny inciting protests in United States - Free States flag FREE STATES: A Free States of America spokesman denies that his nation had anything to do with the current unrest in the United States. Pro-Buchanan supporters have accused protestors that they are in the pocket of the "communists, sodomites and baby-killers out west". While there is some evidence that certain opposition groups do receive support from the FSA, whether the nation had any involvement with the current unrest is unknown.

February 3, 2011: Protestors victorious against Buchanan supporters - US 33 Star GreatStar Flag UNITED STATES: In a massive street battle between anti- and pro-Buchanan protestors in Washington, D.C., the anti-Buchanan forces were victorious. Over a hundred supporters of President Buchanan were captured while soldiers watched refusing to intervene. Some of the pro-Buchanan supporters were found to have IDs on them which identified as members of Homeland Security, confirming rumors that President Buchanan may be responsible for the counter-protests that have arisen across the country. A lynching against these undercover HS agents was prevented when the military finally intervened and demanded the prisoners were released.

February 2, 2011: Genocide Jane convicted - United Nations Flag EUROPEAN COMMUNITY - Colleen LaRose, referred to by the media as "Genocide Jane", was convicted by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former United States for genocide and other crimes against humanity. LaRose was part of the Border Defense Initiative paramilitary organization that was active in the former American states of New Mexico, Arizona and parts of western Texas from 1998 to 1999. Though they were meant to deport Mexicans displaced by the Mexican War of Intervention, the group became corrupted by extremists who carried out massacres of civilians in an attempt to "cleanse" the American Southwest of the large number of Mexican refugees. LaRose moved quickly through the ranks and soon was administering many of these cleansing operations before being captured by UN forces. Her date of execution has yet to be set.

February 2, 2011: Deseret agrees to accept Utah's declaration of independence - Deseret DESERET - Deseret, the other half of the war torn Republic of Utah, officially announced that they will accept Utah Republic's declaration of independence and hopes that negotiations will progress smoothly over the future of the Salt Lake District.

February 2, 2011: Wikileaks exposes documents regarding the assassination of LBJ - Flag of Europe EUROPEAN COMMUNITY: Wikileaks posted documents allegedly from FBI files made in the late 1960s. The documents express that the FBI were investigating other leads in the assassination of President Johnson and did not immediately accept the finding that he was killed by a bomb placed by members of the Weather Underground. All other investigations, however, ended by order of the Committee of National Security in 1969.

February 2, 2011: Looting and violence widespread in American cities - US 33 Star GreatStar Flag UNITED STATES: Despite President Buchanan's promise not to run for reelection, protests continued in American cities. The character of the protests, however, have changed. Supporters of President Buchanan and Christian Reform stalwarts have begun to clash with protestors demanding that the President immediately resign. The violence has raised the death toll somewhere between 300 and 500. One foreign reporter described it as a "civil war". Whether the counter-protestors are acting on the orders of President Buchanan is rumored but unconfirmed. Many of the counter-protestors have come armed with clubs and knives, and in some cases Molotov cocktails. The international community has condemend these attacks, but none have offered any suggestion of intervening in the crisis.

February 1, 2011: President Buchanan will not run for reelection - US 33 Star GreatStar Flag UNITED STATES: President Pat Buchanan, in a televised address from the Oval Office, announced that he will not run for reelection in 2012 despite being eligible to run still. He told Americans that he will not step down before than and is proud of his achievements, specifically mentioning the Civil Rights Act of 2001 and loosening restrictions set by the 26th amendment. Protestors in Washington initially cheered at this announcement, but then the mood changed with the protestors chanting their refusal to leave until Buchanan resigns.

February 1, 2011: Military vows not to use violence - US 33 Star GreatStar Flag UNITED STATES: Protestors cheered and climbed on top of tanks after a military spokesman announced that the military would not fire on any protestors. This announcement sheds new light on President Buchanan's secret meeting with military officials on January 30th. While some predicted it was meant to prevent another military coup, it now appears to have been a desperate attempt by Buchanan to keep the military on his side.

February 1, 2011: Blizzard puts a halt to protests in United States - US 33 Star GreatStar Flag UNITED STATES: A massive blizzard hit the Midwestern United States and reached as far south as the Republic of Texas. Travel conditions became dangerous and thousands of flights were cancelled. More importantly the weather cancelled many planned protests in American cities, except for Washington where thousands of protestors defied the government once again.


January 31, 2011: King of Hawaii refuses to give royal assent to health care plan - Flag of Hawaii KINGDOM OF HAWAII: Prime Minster Barack Obama's Liberal Democrat government suffered a major defeat today after King Kawānanakoa IV refused to give his royal assent to the new health care plan. Obama made health care reform his top priority when becoming Prime Minister of Hawaii, but his controversial health care mandate has been opposed by many and now the conservative King has taken a stance against the new law.

January 31, 2011: Quiet day America may just be eye of the storm - US 33 Star GreatStar Flag UNITED STATES: American city streets were quieter today. Although there were still some large protest rallies in various cities and attacks on federal prisons (including the infamous Terra Haute prison in Indiana), no deaths have been reported. This might, however, be only a temporary calm. The website Spirit of '69 is calling for a "1 million strong" protest march in various cities. Whether people will answer the call and how the government will react is uncertain.

On a related note, the Gazette would like to apologize for any difficulty you may be having in accessing our site. Despite our goal to remain fair and balanced on all issues, we find ourselves being subject to blackouts as the government attempts to shut us down for failing to adopt their approved platform. As we fight against their cyberwarfare, we urge everyone to remain patient as we struggle to provide you with the fair and balanced reporting that we here at Gazette always strive for.

January 31, 2011: Utah Republic to declare independence - Flag of Utah, UTAH: The Utah Republic, one of the two main political entities of Utah, announced that they will be declaring independence on July 9, 2011. The entity has been a part of Utah since the Brussels Agreement of 1995 ended the Utah Conflict. Now, however, the Utah Republic is citing the "Aztlan precedent" as giving them the right to declare independence. As the world reacts to this new development in the troubled region, gunfire is heard in the Salt Lake District that both the Utah Republic and Deseret administer jointly. If conflict again irrupts in Utah, it could mean further conflict between the United States and the Free States, despite the civil disorder in the latter.

January 30, 2011: Chaos in America raises fears of another military coup - US 33 Star GreatStar Flag, UNITED STATES: As military jets fly low over America cities and more independent news stations are blacked out, President Buchanan met with senior commanders of the military in a secret meeting at the White House. While the exact nature of the meeting was unclear, it has not stopped people from speculating. An anonymous source in the government claims that it was a preliminary discussion before orders were given for soldiers to open fire on any protestors who violate curfew. Currently the military units deployed in cities across the United States have only been used to assist police in dispersing rioters. The Spirit of '69, the radical website which has been responsible in instigating the initial riots, claims that it is actually a desperate attempt by the President to forestall the military from taking control of the county, like they did in 1969. Whether that is a possibility is uncertain. With more nations denouncing the Buchanan Administration's handling of the riots, it is likely that another coup could mean foreign intervention.

January 30, 2011: New England closes border with the United States - New England pine flag, NEW ENGLAND: New England border officials in the state of New York shut the borders with the United States. The decision was made after guards on the American side of the border apparently fled. Immediately refugees began to pour into New England territory. New England has announced that they will no longer be accepting American citizens into their territory. This decision does not affect New England's plan to airlift its own citizens out of the United States.

January 29, 2011: President Buchanan refuses to back down - US 33 Star GreatStar Flag, UNITED STATES: President Pat Buchanan of the United States today that he would not cave into the demands of protestors to resign. "These dissidents are unable to deal with the truth – that their own heroes produced the disasters that may yet bring down the curtain on Western Civilization," said Buchanan in a speech broadcast over the state-run Patriot News Network. He also announced that the current curfew is extended from 4.00 PM until 8.00 AM. Nevertheless, protestors from Washington to Denver and Chicago to New Orleans continue with no signs of slowing down. New chants include "Down with Patrick the Second!" Reports estimate that 60 people have been killed during clashes between protestors and police.

January 29, 2011: World reacts to to events in troubled (and nuclear armed) America - Free States flagFlag of EuropeFlag of the Soviet Union: In the Free States, Secretary of State Mike Gravel in a press conference called for a peaceful resolution to the crisis, but commented that "...Ultimately the future of the United States will be determined by the people." The Executive Council of the European Community has also put EC armed forces in Canada on alert. Meanwhile, the Soviet Union is blocking searches for "United States" on its internet and is restricting media coverage. Despite the nation's recent democratic reforms, the current Communist regime is worried that events in America might incite its university students into rioting.

January 28, 2011: American military deployed to quell rioters - US 33 Star GreatStar Flag, UNITED STATES: As the street demonstrations, protests, and acts of civil disobedience continue across American cities, the United States military is being deployed to restore order. The demonstrations and riots began on January 25th to protest police brutality incidents across the country that culminated with the death of a young student beaten to death after he began a lone protest against the government on the University of Chicago's campus. Today, protestors chant slogans and demand the end of the state of emergency laws, more jobs, a minimum wage, better housing, lower food process, and reinstatement of the Bill of Rights. The protests' main goal is to end the Christian Reform party's control of the government, which has remained in power since the impeachment of President Pat Robertson.

The 2011 protests have been called largest display of public anger since the 1960s. Washington, D.C. is already under martial law and tanks are position alongside government buildings. Credit for such a large and organized protest has been given to European social network sites, many of which are currently being blocked by the American government. The Gazette is also being blocked, but if you are reading this you have found the proxy site we are using to continue to broadcast information to the public.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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