In the United States, there are many television talk shows. Hosts of shows often move to other shows with the retirement of other hosts. The most popular talk shows air at late night. Shows include The Tonight Show with Conan O'BrienLate Night with Jimmy KimmelThe Late Late Show with Jimmy Fallon, Craig Ferguson Live, and The Late Show with David Letterman. There are also various shows in foreign countries such as England and Scotland, which have shows such as Norton.

The Tonight Show

The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien-Intertitle

Title card of The Tonight Show

The Tonight Show is an American late night talk show that has aired on the NBC since 1954. It is the longest currently running entertainment program in the United States. It was hosted by Steve Allen (1954-57), Jack Paar (1957-62), Johnny Carson (1962-92), and currently Conan O'Brien (1992-present). The longest serving host was Johnny Carson, seconded by O'Brien. 

Late Night

Late Night is an American late night talk and variety show airing on the NBC since 1982. It was hosted by David Letterman (1982-93), Jay Leno (1993-2007), and currently by Jimmy Kimmel (2007-present). Letterman was the host with the longest tenure for eleven years.

Late Show

The Late Show is an American late night talk show hosted by David Letterman on the NBS. It first aired in 1993 by David Letterman after hist retirement from Late Night. Letterman continues to host the show into the present and is the longest late night host in American broadcast history.

Late Late Show

The Late Late Show is an American late night talk show. It airs directly after The Late Show and is currently hosted by Jimmy Fallon, who took over hosting duties in 2004. He will be succeeded by Seth Meyers in the first episode of March 2014. Previous hosts were Tom Snyder (1995-99) and Craig Kilborn (1999-2004).

Craig Ferguson Live

Craig Ferguson Live! is an American late night talk show created and hosted by Craig Ferguson since its start. It has aired on the ABC since 2003.

The Daily Show

The Daily Show is an American late night satirical program on Comedy Central. It was hosted by Craig Kilborn (1996-99) and by Jon Stewart thereafter. It describes itself as a fake news program and draws its content from recent new stories, people, and often the show itself. Stephen Colbert, a former correspondant, was given a spinoff show due to the success of The Daily Show during the Stewart era.

The Colbert Report

The Colbert Report is a satirical late night show on Comedy Central. It is hosted by Stephen Colbert and was created in 2006 as a spin off The Daily Show. It focuses primarily on mocking recent "news" and other events. The show is noted for winning an Emmy Award every year since conception.

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