Previous- Goring waits for the missiles to explode 

Seizing the initiative, the Americans smash into England, liberating the government there, and then smashes down into France, driving the Germans off the coast with a vengance. The Germans, already restive, rise up in Civil War after Goring orders the Germans to withdraw back to Germany. Goring is ripped apart by a mob, and Rommel's son, Rudolf, is made Führer. Like his father, he is an exceptional general and is also not a Nazi. He immediately stops the massacres of Jews, turns Germany back into a democracy, gets back the trust of its allies, and counter attacks.

The Americans, thrown back from France are being steadily pushed back to the coast. But now England is being attacked again, this time from Denmark. A steady push could destroy the Nazis once and for all, but if they take too long, England will fall. Then, their troops would be isolated, surrounded, their entire army unable to escape.

If they don't, the war could continue for years. They will probably not ever get a chance like this again.

Attack on through the Franco-German border.

Reinforce Britain.

Launch Nuclear strikes on Germany.

Sue for Peace.

The Royal Guns (talk) 07:39, July 11, 2012 (UTC)

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