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 is the most read newspaper and most watched news channel for entertainment and information purposes. It was founded in 2006 to unify the nations and issues single nationwide papers. Read below for political highlights from each country:

Below is also a review of Question Time the most popular show viewed across all countries is a political and topical show with the continents top politicians, professors and thinkers. One theme is told to the audience before each show, and audience members ask questions to the guests, in which they have not seen. The show is aired the second Monday of every month.


  • January 7th, 2013 - 2012 Review: Winner: The L-CP is a major winner. The L-CP a largely divided party is still together after another tough year. The party was able to continue there large majority in the House of Commons and in 12 local by-elections they won 10. The L-CP has proven a party that doesn't exactly meet the mainstream views of the country can prove to be successful and grow with successful policies.
  • December 24th, 2012 - The Liberal-Conservative Party, a political party formed out of the merger of Liberal (center, center-left) and Conservative (center, center-right) parties, is going is address the party's situation of growing concern over the party's message and if it is a center-right party or center-left party. The Party, in government since 2006, has enacted some liberal and progressive reforms since the nation's founding, but since 2010 has take a sharp turn right, deregulation and lowering taxes. The Financial Minister, Josh Andrews, is a more liberal, center-left force, but will try to advocate for a united party due to the great success of the party at national, provincial, and local levels.


  • January 7th, 2013 - 2012 Review: Winner - The PDs won hands down again. The popular policies of the government have allowed for a suspected third term in parliament next elections. Their budget is suspected to receive popular reviews from the people and government as their Unity Party counterparts are crumpling and may leave there AU Party, the Contiscpetic ACAR.
  • December 17th, 2012 - The Progressive Democratic government is proposing its 2013 budget one day after the winter recess. It will include a new set of tax regulations, means testing for deductions for those making 175,000 or more, a tax raise for the richest brackets, those making 500,000 to 1 million to 48% and those making more than that will pay 50.2% in tax. It will be set out to lower unemployment rates, and put forward a good image when going into the American Union Bank's rating that come out two weeks into January. The budget includes new spending into the Universal Healthcare system, up to 500 more nurses, and overall less deficit, with some cuts to defense and police. The 2013 budget will include a much reduced defecit to 2.4 million dollars.  
  • December 13th, 2012 - November unemployment numbers came out today and it gave good news to the Californian people and the Progressive Democratic government. Unemployment in October was at 15.6%, but fell to 15.45%. The government financial minster, Henry Waxman says that this is because of the public spending and new government growth policies. The Unity Party is claiming that the new levels of employment are all for not because of the budget office's debt numbers stating that public debt is around 457.57 million dollars in the birth of a new nation.
  • December 11th, 2012 - The Unity Party of California, aligned with the American Conservative and Reformers, is holding their party conference in January and is considering a motion in the convention stage to leave ACaR and join the more moderate American People's Party. The Unity Party was able to gain seats in the 2011 general elections, but lost some their MAPs. Contiscpeticism has lost some ground since it's climax in 2011, in a recent poll showing Californians with 67% supporting the AU, 28% not supporting the AU, and 5% wanting just a little less little AU power.



  • December 22nd, 2012 - With a nation still in mourning over the lost of war hero Daniel Inouye, the new Prime Minister Daniel Akaka said today he will carry out the procedures to join the AU, the Inouye wanted. Akaka said the nation with pass new laws and regulations, sign all three parts of the Freedom of Continent Act (although the first was only needed) and carry out the wants of Inouye. President Obama met with Akaka and set out a timeline, later released to the public:
    • January 2013 - Approval of Hawaii joining the AU.
    • By December 2013 - The nation will be inspected in its law code to see if it meets AU standards and by the point will have also had to approve certain AU legislation previously passed
    • By February 2014 - At this point Hawaii will become a full AU member (with adopted currency and membership in the Council of America), but still not have elected MAPs.
    • By July 2014 - Once the 2014 AU census is released, re-distribution of seats will occur with Hawaii added.
    • By November 2014 - In a Act President Obama said he'll show to the AU, he will undergo the special procedures to disband the Parliament for new elections. Obama says the AU constitution only allows for new elections after 75% approval by the Council of America, 60% approval by the American Union Parliament, But it has to again have elections in 2016 at the pre-described date.
  • December 17th, 2012 - A nation is in mourning tonight as the first ever Prime Minister, United States senator, and Medal of Honor recipient, Daniel Inouye has died at the age of 88. He served as Prime Minister since the nation's founding in 2007. Deputy leader and colleague, Daniel Akaka, will take over as Prime Minister, and a by-election for Inouye's seat will be held with the AU referendum. A public funeral will be held tomorrow.
  • December 16th, 2012 - With the "American Union Membership" referendum coming in less than a month, Hawaiians, who in 2007 wanted to settle in before entering a international political body, are showing great favor for the referendum. The "Yes! For a Better Hawaii" campaign has spent only one million dollars campaigning, and they are up in the polls 70-24% to the "No! For a Sound Hawaii".



New England

  • December 14th 2012 - 20 plus people were killed in Newton, CT at a elementary school aged 5-10. The instant reaction has had the government outraged, and the Progressive Party will propose a law, that they much wanted to due, called the Connecticut Bill which will effectively end the right to own or even touch a semi-automatic firearm and only allow hunting rifles to be carried.  The Progressive Conservatives, said they too would support the bill.


  • January 17th, 2013 - Local elections in Oregon was a huge success for the dominant Progressive Party winning a grand total of 55% of the total seats throughout the state. All parties lost seats except the Progressive Party which was able to increase there local seat total to over 3100 seats across the country. The Progressive Party is already looking forward to the state elections for Washington later this year in November in which the state legislature, controlled heavily by the Progressives, might increase there lead by ten seats to the largest majority in the country.
  • December 24th, 2012 - Local elections in Oregon will take place on January 17th, 2012, and half of the total seats in the state are up for grabs. The strong Progressive Party is expected to make huge gains, with popular government policies and a low unemployment rate in Oregon. The nation of Pacifica has a 6.6% unemployment rate according to the AUB from November's numbers and the rate is about 6.0% in Oregon. Progressives already hold about 50% of the seats already in Oregon, and by the end of election night could hold up to 57%. The expense of this great night might come from their coalition Partner the Green Party, whose share in the state council seats is already dropping from by-elections.

Polar Republic

  • December 12th, 2012 - In recent Parliamentary news, the United Left government is proposing a new law to strengthen ecological standards off the Alaskan coast. It comes after a June 2012 minor oil spill in the Alaskan coast and is calling for regulation. The opposition is calling for a trade off in the deal for regulation, yet a decrease in corporate tax rates on offshore drilling companies. The motion will be discussed heavily after the Christmas break.


  • January 19th, 2013 - The center-left Party of Quebec is considering another merger on the left. Labour just finished merging with another far-left political party when the Parti Quebecois is considering becoming the "Labour Party of Quebec" and being a big tent leftist Party which would help them in the polls. A deal is set to be made between the two parties within days.
  • January 18th, 2013 - The minority government of the Moderate Union will disband and end the three year government. The Moderate Union, will let most of its members go into the Party Quebecois and the Conservatives. Some members will join a center, socially liberal, party called the Quebec Liberal Party. An election for the third Quebec Parliament will be held February 19th.


  • December 26th, 2012 - After the great victory of the Perry/Jindal ticket they put forward a plan on the Middle East to get ready for the conference on it next month. The Republic Party, which won the presidency again, lost two seats in the Senate and four in the House, leaving them with the minimum amount of seats needed for a majority in the House. They might receive some support from the rising Conservative-Libertarians, who won the most amount of MAPs in the 2011 AU elections, which didn't have any change the amount of seats they won in the previous elections.
  • December 10th, 2012 - In the heated Presidential race the Perry/Jindal ticket of the American People's Party, Republic Party have hit the campaign trail for the last time in the final stretch of the elections next week. The polls show them ahead of the Liberal Alliance 50-45, with the Conservative-Libertarians at 4%. The current administration has kept unemployment rates fairly low and control major parts of the congress to enact their legislation. The RP ticket promised to cut spending, income taxes and end all deductions and loopholes.

West America

West Canada

American Union

  • January 7th, 2013 - The "AUEOaR" final report on public debt from the government which along with unemployment, regulations, private sector advances and other overall conditions is a major factor.
Country Public Debt 2011 Public Debt 2012
Acadia - 1.7 million - 2.9 million
California - 100.77 million - 159.98 million
Dixie + 0.8 million + 1.2 million
Huron + 7.8 million + 20.0 million
Libertas + 1.0 million - 3.0 million
New England + 16.0 million + 2.7 million
Pacifica - 0.9 million - 13.3 million
Polar Republic - 0.2 million - 5.3 million
Quebec - 1.6 million - 4.8 million
Texas - 3.9 million - 4.0 million
West America + 0.2 million + 0.01 million
West Canada + 0.05 million + 0.1 million
  • January 7th, 2013 - The "AUEOaR" continuation with the look at the economic stability rankings which rank the overall performance of each economy: Huron received there second ever A + rating as they did in 2009-2010 rankings and New England their second straight A + which has never happened before. California. Polar Republic and Quebec each received ratings below an A -, all B +'s. West Canada had the biggest jump in ranking to a A from a B + which is two spots, highly irregular.
Country Economic Stability 2011-2012 Economic Stability 2012-2013
Acadia A - A -
California B B +
Dixie A - A -
Huron A A +
Libertas A A
New England A + A +
Pacifica A - A -
Polar Republic A - B +
Quebec B + B +
Texas A - A
West America A - A
West Canada B + A
  • January 7th, 2013 - The "AU Economic Outlook and Review" is out! With new numbers to what each country can look out for. First off the Unemployment numbers: They show a good overall drop in unemployment across the nation with more nations able to create jobs.
Country Unemployment numbers December 2011 Unemployment numbers December 2012
Acadia 7.0% 6.7%
California 17.0% 15.3%
Dixie 7.8% 7.9%
Huron 5.7% 5.9%
Libertas 7.0% 6.7%
New England 6.0% 5.5%
Pacifica 6.5% 6.5%
Polar Republic 7.0% 6.1%
Quebec 7.0% 7.0%
Texas 8.0% 7.5%
West America 6.5% 6.0%
West Canada 6.7% 6.5%
  • December 23rd, 2012 - Financial Secretary Bill Clinton says the December Unemployment Numbers, Public Debt and Economic Stability (a rating used to rank the overall outlook and situations of the nation's economy) will come out earlier than expected on January 1st. The "AU Economic Outlook and Review", which is published yearly, will show AU leadership and a raise in public spending across governments will show a spike in rankings across most governments. The rankings also have bearing over interest rates, loans and bond ratings which until they reach B or B - significant impact will be felt. California's Economic stability ranking, in the 316 page AUEOaR document released last year, was B which was up from prior years, C+ in 2009-2010, B- in 2010-2011, B in 2011-2012. The rating is expected to rise again one level to a B+. The biggest jump may come from West Canada, which due to a low unemployment rate, a small amount of public debt (although in the 2011 public debt review they said they had a small surplus), and good economic conditions could lead to the third ever A+ ranking ever given, the other two given to Huron in 2009-2010 and New England this past year.
  • December 18th, 2012 - President Obama says his home nation of Hawaii has to do little to meet standard code and regulations to join the American Union. Hawaii, which is mourning the loss of it's leader Daniel Inouye, is a very progressive nation even with its House of, appointed and semi-elected, Nobles and the former Prime Minister Inouye meet with Obama on eight occasions, all going well and showing the progress Hawaii has made to become a AU member.

Question Time

  • January 16th, 2012 - Host Jon Lincoln will sit down with a 'mega panel' with seven guests from across the country. The guests will be questioned about the economic situations of each country and the ideologies with their effects on each nation. The panel will include a varying difference of ideologies and economic situations. Guests will include From West Canada, Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister Ed Stelmach. From Huron Deputy leader of the Progressive Democrats and Vice President Joe Biden. Prime Minister of Quebec and leader of the Moderate Union, Jean Charest. From New England, President of the American Union Bank, Member of the American Parliament, Social Democrats and Progressives member, Elizabeth Warren. Leader of the Opposition of the Polar Republic, Conservative Party Leader, Dennis Fenite. Deputy Prime Minister of California and Minister for Immigration Nancy Polesi of the Progressive Democrats. And finally, Leader of the Green Party of Pacifica and Deputy Prime Minister of Pacifica Francis Wabold.
  • December 14th, 2012 - The host Jon Lincoln sat down with the Financial Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of Hawaii Danie Akaka, Financial minister of the American Union Bill Clinton, ACaR shadow Financial Minister of the American Union from Dixie Jack Senen, Contiscetptic Congressmen Carl Paladino and West Canadian political scientist and Former Liberal Arts Party Congressmen Harriet Reynolds. The theme was AU powers and Contiscepticism (Is it alive or dead)? A follow up poll by AUN said that 52% of people across the continents said it was trending downwards, 40% said it was alive, 7% said it was dead, 1% had no opinion or were undecided.

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