The American Union is a supranational organisation designed to make the Americas a strong, stable and a peaceful place, away from any European affairs. However, if a European nation attacks one member from the Union all the union would have to go to war with that nation and its allies. The USA promised to give any member aid to build there country and put down any revolts. All members of the union has to be democratic.

The union was founded on the 3rd January 1910 and within a week (10th January) it had 19 members. The union was offered to 22 nations. In 1915 Mexico and America signed the Treaty of San Jose which meant that Mexico becomes the Union of Mexican, Caribbean and Central America.

The capital of the union is New York. The official language of the American Union is English. All schools that are in the Union must teach English to students As much as the native language. The official language of countries which aren't native English speaking will be English and Native.

Today the Union consists of 21 nations.


America - AH28

Chile - NPC member

Bolivia - NPC member

Ecuador - NPC member

Peru - NPC member

Colombia - NPC member

Venezuela - NPC member

Guyana - NPC member

Suriname - NPC member

Brazil -

Argentina -

Mexican, Caribbean and Central American States - Signed in the Treaty of Jose.


  • Client city-state of Asuncion, governed by the United States of America: NPC member

Panama - NPC member

Cuba - NPC member

Haiti - NPC member

Uruguay - NPC member


This is where nations do proposals for the American Union to do.

High Speed Railway

America proposes that there should be a high speed railway network all across the union called the 'America's High Railway system'. The first two lines built in South America will be Santiago to Guatemala and Bogota to Georgetown.


America - AH28

Americas Plan

The Untied States of America will help build infrastructure and give aid to all the members in the union.


America - AH28



The United States of America won't stand for the Ottoman Caliphate invading the Falklands. I say that we should invade the Falklands and then set up an independent nation


America - AH28



This is where nations could apply to be either in the Union or have an alliance to the Union.

Joining the winners

An Alliance between our great nations would be beneficial to all of us. Involvement in the upcoming war could have great effects on the economies of the American nations,and their influence worldwide, if they joined they winning side, the Entente.


America would like to talk to Mexico, Argentina and Brazil before making any further decisions.

The UIU would like to work with the American Union. If we are attacked then you have to help us and if you're attacked we will help you.

Only if you supply us with extra oil. Then we'll consider it. ~ AH28


Russian Empire - Wrto12

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