US flag with 13 stars by Hellerick

Flag of the American Union


The American Union was founded in 1966 when New York militia forces led by Acting President John Kennedy formally defeated, after a five month siege of the port's fortress, the Boston Free Trade Corporation (a large group of pirates based in Boston raiding the eastern seaboard for supplies). President Kennedy then announced his movement of the capital from the ruins of Washington DC to the less damaged and more populated New York City.


American Union :Cream

The Northward Expansion

In 1970 President Kennedy stepped down stating the nation was bigger than one man and that he had been responsible for a nation for too long, it was time for him to be responsible for his family. The Next President was President Liam MacKallum. This new era in AU history began a series of expansions northward against the hostile tribes at the northern border. Also diplomatic ties with bordering nations in the south and Ohio were established. With the borders secure it looked like a time of peace was finally to reach the Union with the creation of the GAC (Greater American Co-operative).

The Texas War

Sadly the GAC did not bring peace as the CSA, an ally of Ohio, declared war on Texas and began a long and bloody war that cost hundreds of lives on all sides. Ohio helped mediate the peace talks between the CSA and Texas. Due to the constant fighting in Old world Canada, most of the military were tied down fighting in Quebec so very few union casualties occurred during the war due to low numbers of Union troops sent to the frontlines.

59 Korean War

Union troops resting after heavy fighting against western forces

After the War

With the war ended and contact made with new American nations, the Great North American Alliance (GNAA) was founded to prevent another war on such a large scale from occurring again. The CSA feeling betrayed by its allies for refusing to continue the pointless conflict to victory refused to join. The Kennedy family rose to the forefront of politics again with the construction of new roads to crisscross the nation and the construction of the first long range ships. In 1974 with the Union elections coming up a series of terrorist attacks wrecked several of the Union's allies. The only known source of some of these attacks came from Canadian separatists in Cascadia. To counter them, several frontier troops have been officially listed as light infantry and permanently stationed in the Canadian wilderness to aid Cascadia in the hunting down of the perpatrators of the attacks.
Hang Tough Bastogne 1944 b-600x362

Recruitment poster for the 1st Frontier Division Caption below reads "Where are you in this picture?"

When Robert Kennedy was elected in 1974, the future to a darker turn. The CSA closed its borders and began to mobilise and a long range ship was damaged and beached in Panama by unknown hostiles. This turned out to be the surprised natives of a recently formed empire in Central America. In return for technology, the Panama canal was made available and a naval base was allowed to be built.

Also in a short series of engagements GNAA forces overran the CSA and split the country into pieces for the victorious armies. Carolina and Georgia went to the AU. A colony was set up in Bermuda and later, another one was founded in the Azores. The Au looked to become an industrial powerhouse.

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