American Union
Timeline: Death of an Empire

OTL equivalent: United States of America
US flag with 19 stars by Hellerick, ellipse No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

In God We Trust (English)

Anthem "Sons of the Union"
Capital New York
Largest city San Francisco
Other cities Fort Worth, Las Vegas, Washington
  others Dutch, Mandarin Chinese
Demonym American
President Mitt Romney
Area 9,826,675 km² km²
Population 120 million 
Independence August 6th 1779
Currency Union Dollar (UD)
Internet TLD .au


The American Union was formed after the American Revolution involving all 19 American colonies against the then British Empire, with the Revolution a succsess the American Union was formed by the founding President George Washington adopting a flag of 19 stars representing the states of the Union. 


North Mexico borders the Union to the south with Canada and the former state of Alaska (now the Free Nation of Alaska) to the north. 

World War 1

The American Union, fresh out of the Great Depression, with a moderately large army, navy and air force, set up border patrols on the Northern Mexcian border after booze traffickers attempted to smuggle alchohol across the border. With the Russian elections happening in the winter, one of the world's superpowers was on a knife edge with the Weimar dictatorship was performing unauthorized military exercises near the Russian border. 

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