This article is about the American Soccer League that was operative from 1933 to 1959. For the league formed in 1921, see American Soccer League (1921-33)

The American Soccer League is the name given to two separate soccer leagues in the United States and Canada, the first running between 1921 to 1933, and the second created soon after the collapse of the first on a smaller budget.


The first American Soccer League collapsed due to financial problems in early 1933, and the second was formed in late 1933 on a smaller budget than the original. The league was mainly confined to the Northeastern United States, with some overlap with the rival North American Soccer Football League. In comparison with the NASFL, the ASL was largely composed of teams formed by immigrant communities, in particular those of Scots, Irish, English, Welsh, Italian and German origin.

In 1959 the NASFL was undergoing financial difficulties, and after some negotiations the two leagues agreed to merge, forming the North American Football League.


Year Winner Runner-up
1933–34 Kearny Irish New York Americans
1934–35 Philadelphia German-Americans New York Americans
1935–36 New York Americans Baltimore Canton
1936–37 Kearny Scots Brooklyn Hispano
1937–38 Kearny Scots Brooklyn St. Mary's Celtic
1938–39 Kearny Scots Philadelphia German-Americans
1939–40 Kearny Scots Baltimore S.C.
1940–41 Kearny Scots Philadelphia German-Americans
1941–42 Philadelphia Americans Brookhattan
1942–43 Brooklyn Hispano Brookhattan
1943–44 Philadelphia Americans Brooklyn Wanderers
1944–45 Brookhattan Philadelphia Americans
1945–46 Baltimore Americans Brooklyn Hispano
1946–47 Philadelphia Americans Brooklyn Wanderers
1947–48 Philadelphia Americans Kearny Scots
1948–49 Philadelphia Nationals New York Americans
1949–50 Philadelphia Nationals Kearny Celtic
1950–51 Philadelphia Nationals Kearny Celtic
1951–52 Philadelphia Americans Kearny Scots
1952–53 Philadelphia Nationals Newark Portuguese
1953–54 New York Americans Brookhattan
1954–55 Uhrik Truckers Brooklyn Hispano
1955–56 Uhrik Truckers Elizabeth Falcons
1956–57 New York Hakoah-Americans Uhrik Truckers
1957–58 New York Hakoah-Americans Ukrainian Nationals
1958–59 New York Hakoah-Americans Ukrainian Nationals
1959–60 Colombo Ukrainian Nationals

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