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USA and CSA pre-1914

The United States (blue) and Confederate States (red) between 1887 and 1917.

The American Reunification was a process that was achieved through World War II that reunified the United States and the Confederate States after decades of division. It was largely supported by the Americans and detested by the Confederates over the years.

After the Confederate War of Independence, the Americans thought less of the south and didn't care as much about reunification until a second defeat during the Kentucky War and the subsequent rise of nationalism in the United States. During World War I, President Theodore Roosevelt considered reunifying the U.S. and C.S. early into the war, however early military defeats by the Confederate States Army and victories in Canada against the British-Canadians turned his attention to annexing Canada. In 1917, the Americans annexed Arizona, Kentucky, and portions of Virginia from the Confederacy, marking the beginning of reunification.

The Confederates reabsorbed Kentucky and the lost pieces of Virginia in 1936 under the Louisville Agreement between President Al Smith and President Harry Byrd.

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