American Reunification
US flag 51 stars
Unification Flag of America
Unification Map of America
First Proposed: 1878
First Discussed by U.S. Congress: 1921
First Discussed by C.S. Congress: Never

America Reunification refers to the hypothetical future reunification of the Confederate States of America and the United States of America under a single government once again. The United States Congress has passed numerous bills allowing for the Confederate States of America to dissolve and join into the union of the United States.

However, there are a number of hurdles in this process due to the large political and economic differences between the two countries. Not only that, a poll showed that 96% of Confederates wished to remain in the Confederacy and away from the United States. If the Confederate Congress were ever to discuss American Reunification, it would spell political disaster those politicians. In the United States, however, American Reunification is a long sought after goal, and is supported by about 79% of the population.

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