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Czech legislative election of 2010
435 seats in the Lower Senate, 100 seats in the Upper Senate
November 2, 2010
First party Second party Third party
Leader Dennis Kucinich Bernie Sanders Susan Collins
Party Social Democratic Socialist Democratic
Leader's seat Ohio Lower Senate 10 Vermont Upper Senate 2 Maine Upper Senate 2
Last election 74 seats 232 seats 42
Seats won 69 190 43
Seat change -5 -42 +1
Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Leader John Kerry Joe Manchin Jim DeMint
Party Liberal Conservative Nationalist
Leader's seat Massachusetts Upper Senate 1 South Carolina Upper Senate 2
Last election 26 seats 24
Seats won 26 2 35
Seat change ±0 -22 +35
Popular vote 569,127
Percentage 10.88%
Prime Minister before election
Bernie Sanders
Prime Minister-designate
To Be Determined
To Be Determined

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