American National Unionist Movement
Chairperson James Strong
Founded July 4, 1934
Dissolved May 12, 1942
International affiliation Fascism, Nazism
Official colours Olive drab (uniforms); blue, red, white (flag)
The American National Unionist Movement (ANUM) was an American fascist and Nazi party formed in 1934 by James Strong, who held the position as Leader, whose distant relative was Josiah Strong, the Evangelical social gospel preacher who preached racialist social Darwinism. Its ideology was called National Unionism, which called for a centralized, totalitarian unitary nation-state of America to be called the "American State" that would eliminate individual states in favor of a single American government, eliminate the "unpatriotic" political party system that ANUM accused of tearing America apart in the American Civil War, establish racial laws across America to support white Americans while disenfranchising blacks, Jews, Hispanics, and aboriginals of rights. It sought to bring Ku Klux Klan members into its ranks. In economics, ANUM called for a "national revolution" to end class conflict by supporting corporatism to create employer and labour union boards to negotiate via state-controlled sectorial corporations. ANUM supported strong state intervention into the economy. ANUM was anti-communist, anti-democratic, anti-federal, and anti-liberal.

ANUM praised the American revolutionary tradition and its entrepreneurialism while denouncing democracy saying "The American nation in 1776 strove in revolution to free itself from the archaic British monarchy and parliamentary system to forge a government supported at the roots of its people. America was to be a republic, but not the democracy it has become. Through corruption and communist infiltration that our forefathers did not anticipate, America has devolved and is degenerating due to Jewish finance and Negro savagery. A new revolution is needed to maintain our nation and protect the Aryan race from this front. National Unionists are the revolutionaries who will lead this revolution." Strong criticized Roosevelt and the New Deal, saying "While no one questions the need of economic support for our starving workers, Roosevelt has done little to help the white race in particular, he has given support to Negroes and Wall Street Jews who brought America into the mess she is in now. National Unionists say yes to support for our fellow white workers who've been enslaved by the Jewish bourgeoisie that run our economy, but we intend to go further by eliminating Jewish capitalism all together and creating a new economy that shall serve the American nation above individual profit."

ANUM Leader Standard

Standard of the Leader of the American National Unionist Movement


James Strong, Leader of the ANUM

ANUM's flag bore similarity to the Confederate battle flag, but James Strong insisted that "National Unionists have adopted a flag to connect to our national and racial past, it is true that the Conderate flag is an inspiration - in a racial sense but I and other of my comrades insisted that our symbol represent a unitary America, that is why there is one star and no stripes. There shall be one American nation led by one race that is undivided. A united nation is essential to survival, not merely "United states". This shall be the flag of a new National Unionist America"

ANUM supported American expansionism, declaring the need to America to conquer all of the Americas. In particular, the need to annex Canada to unite "our Canadian brethren" to America and to conquer Mexico in order to "rid America of the degenerate Indian-Spanish subhumans of the south who stand in the way of a glorious and productive American nation to expand."

On economic issues, Strong declared that ANUM supported the "productive and innovative spirit that Adam Smith promoted", but argued that "corruption, international finance, and Jewry have ruined contemporary capitalism" and claimed that workers' rights needed to be acknowledged or else America would collapse in class war and produce a "Jewish-Negro communist victory". ANUM supported fascist-style corporatism and active state intervention in the economy, including protectionism.

ANUM established political contact with Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party as well as Benito Mussolini and the Fascist Party. ANUM permitted the concept of German and Italian Americans being able to have links to the Nazi and Fascist parties along with ANUM as a means to consolidate the "modern nationalist state in the minds of the people".

In 1941, amid US government taking actions to prevent the spread of fascism and cracking down on ANUM, Strong and a group of 10,000 ANUM supporters began a "March on Washington", which actually amounted to an attempt to take control of the southern states, including Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia via appeals to racism and support of white workers' rights and anti-communism (blaming blacks for disorder). Strong mounted this campaign from Alabama, seizing the Alabama legislature through coordinated coup, gaining support from members of the State's national guard, as well as a number of racist white landowners and workers. Strong declared that ANUM would swiftly resolve the "Negro Problem", black homes were raided by ANUM supporters in Alabama and many were forced to flee or were killed. The US government declared a state of national emergency. Though a number of southern states obliged, fearing the threat to their government, their national guards were mostly against taking action. ANUM's supporters grew amid race riots that erupted in Alabama and Strong announced from the Alabama legislature that was dedicated to creating a "New Union" to end the strife caused by the civil war, and claimed that he did not want another civil war but to have southern values united with northern productivity. ANUM forces managed to seize control over parts of Alabama and Mississippi, and a small uprising of ANUM supporters in Georgia, followed by Strong announcing the formation of the "American State" in these areas with new constitution as written in his book The New Union, with some revisions. In May, federal government troops from the north marched into Alabama where street fighting between ANUM and U.S. troops took place. Strong and his supporters fled Alabama to Mississippi and went into hiding. Afterwards support dropped for ANUM. In early 1942, Strong was arrested and sentenced to life in prison for treason and ANUM was subsequently declared a seditious organization and banned.