PODS: The Iran Hostage Crisis happens in Nov 4. 1979 when 60 Iranian college students raided an American embassy. In April 24 1980 Operation Eagle Claw is even worse of a failure and in the chaos 2 Diplomats die. The United States demands the Iranian government to release the Diplomats, which they Do not comply and by August 1980 the USA had made preparations to invade Iran.

POD: September 22 1980 - Iraq declares war on Iran with hopes of obtaining large oil fields along the border of Iran and in the ultimate hopes of becoming the dominant force in the middle east. With America already at war with Iran, Iraq has a much easier time with the war and doesn't get stalled like OTL. in May 31 1981 Iran surrenders to Iraq and the USA. Iran has to give bases to the USA and relations between USA and Iraq are much better now than OTL. This changes the course of history forever

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