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Free American Liberation Army
Free American Liberation Army
Timeline: adfinitas genesis
Headquarters: Ravenrock Military base, Other undisclosed locations
Commander-in-Chief: Herbert Hoover (De Jure)
Minister of Defence: Carlos Anteri
Secretary of Defence: Carlos anteri
Commander: Carlos Anteri (De facto), Herbert Hoover (De Jure)
Chief of Staff: Unknown
Branches: list wikilinked branch names separated by BR
Active personnel: 2 Million
Reserve personnel: 500,000
Deployed: Unknown
Annual budget: Unknown
In % of GDP: No country to send GDP
Founded in: 1775 (Continental Army)
Reorganized in : 1928
Ages qualified for service: 15
Available for service: Unknown
Fit for service: Unknown
Reaching age / yr: Unknown
Conscription law: Self-Application
Time of service: Death or leaving of service
Domestic suppliers: England, Republic of Hawaii, Republic of Germany
Supplying countries: Unknown
Annual arms exports: None
Annual arms imports: Unknown

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