אמעריקאנער ישראל إسرائيل الأميركي ישראל אמריקאי
American Israel
Timeline: America Takes All Lands From Mexico And Ottoman Empire
Preceded by 1945-1959 Succeeded by
Greater Arab Kingdom Israel
Flag of Israel (No Napoleon) Emblem of the Jewish Kingdom
Flag of American Israel Coat of Arms of American Israel
Location of American Interzone Of Jewish Israel

Live In Diviersityland (English)

Anthem: "Star Spangled Banner"
Capital: Jerusalem (American Zone)
Other cities: Tel Aviv, Amman
Language: English
  other religions: Islam
Ethnic group: Jewish
Type of government: US Protectorate
Area: 14,570 km² km²
Population: 7,400,000 
Currency: Dollar
American Israel Is Composed US Regional District And Zones After Defeat Of Arabs In World War 2 And Became US Commonwealth

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