American Imperial Empire Timeline


In 2247, politician Jared Tating, inventor Nikko Galedo,and pharmacist Emily Tating volunteered to test Dr. Charles Fernandez his new discovery near the galaxy's core. The spaceship, the USS Roosevelt, is sent to the black hole at the core to test the doctor's new invention of warp speed teleportation. While the volunteers are on board, 500 nuclear weapons are stored inside to detonate the ship if something goes wrong and space pods to allow the volunteers to flee the spaceship.

While on board, Dr. Charles calculated his last measurements to approach the black hole, but he accidentally went to close to the hole. The spaceship tears parts to the hole, while the volunteers and the doctor tries to escape to the space pod. But it was too late. The black hole swallows the entire ship hole since the ship is made of nearly unbreakable armor and heat absorbent material. The crew on board is now uncertain about their fate inside the black hole. As they enter, the crew is traveling to the past hundreds of years to the year 1787.

The US nation expedition 1787-1795

1787: The ship lands in New York intact from the crash. President George Washington is soon informed within 12 hours of the crash. The crew explained everything about the crash and wished to live here until repairs are to be made. George Washington approves their decision. The Second Anglo-Dutch War ends leaving Britain getting Capetown. The Constitution is soon ratified by most of the states.

1788: Jared Tating runs for New York governor supporting the minorities and promising to remove prohibitions to minorities. Jared Tating met Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia and works to improve his theory of the positive-negative charges. Jared begins work on the light bulb and the electrical battery. The last states ratified the constitution. The Constitution Congress meeting was held now creating the Bill of Rights. Dr. Charles Fernandez discovered vaccination of smallpox.

1789: The 500 nuclear weapons are stored in the New York Nuclear military based that Jared insisted. Governor Jared ordered massive reforms to provide jobs to the minorities. George Washington and Jared Tating agreed to abolish slavery. The southern states was whipped into rebellion but Dr. Charles' harvesting machine and the improved cotton gin allowed massive production of cotton and wheat far outmatched human labor. Any further complaints was resolved.

1790: Benjamin Franklin went to France as the ambassador of the US. Napoleon and Benjamin Franklin felt fond of each others ideas that will educate the American system. The French Revolution continues as the strike in Paris and other major cities grew.

1792: The execution of King Louis the 16th against "tyranny" occurs. Electrical lighting spreads through major cities of the US as production begins. Ben's company "Ametrical" becomes the US top production company, though kept sane inside the US without international intervention. Dr. Charles invented penicillin and a vaccine for measles.

1793: Dr. Charles discovered the Band-Aid. Nikko Galedo founds American Expressway. The company invents the steam-powered locomotive which boost transportation from Boston to Charleston. Rail tracks are being built to connect large parts of the US. Austria, Sardinia, Naples, Prussia, Spain, and Britain forms the First Coalition against the French Empire. Benjamin Franklin and Jared worked on the electromagnet. To aid the minorities and the disabled, Jared and Nikko introduced Braille to the blind and deaf to help communicate. Braille quickly spreads through all 13 colonies.

1795: The Coalition, despite Napoleon's efforts, suppress the French throne throwing France into chaos. Napoleon quickly maneuvered several troops to the Bay of Biscay to quickly assassinate the British and Spanish Loyal families for interfering with French revolutions. Napoleon succeeded as well as escaping Madrid and London. Soon, news beak out of the assassination of the Royal families. The British King is held as well as punishment of the assassin(s). France and the Coalition went to an all-out war. The First World War begins.

1796-1818 WW1

1796: French militia defend Paris, Lyon, Nantes, and other major cities in case of foreign attack.

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