The American Front refers to the front of the First World War conducted in North America, where the United States and Canada fought with the Confederate States and Mexico, from the beginning of hostilities in 1913 until the Allied victories in early 1916. The American Front included the rapid American victories over Confederate forces in the West, the stalemate in Virginia that ended with the abandonment of Richmond, and violent fighting in Kentucky, Tennessee and northern Alabama that eventually broke the Confederacy's back and led to the march through Georgia to seize Atlanta. Following these losses, as well as American flanking through northern Mexico to cut off Mexican support through Texas, the Confederacy fought a lengthy guerrilla campaign against the United States occupation deep into the early 1920s. The war formally ended in March 1916, when the Confederates agreed to American occupation of Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arizona, Oklahoma and New Mexico and shipping rights through the Chesapeake Bay, one of the causes for the conflict. In mid-1916, the Americans captured Guadalajara and helped depose the Mexican Empire, assisting Mexican rebels in the conflict.

Notable battles in this conflict include Tucson, Santa Fe, Stillwater, _____.

The war led to the rise of the nationalist Southern Front Party in the Confederacy, which demanded cessation of American occupation, which ceased December 31, 1921. Following the war, nearly half of the Confederacy's African-Americans fled north as refugees, many settling in urban settings during the 1920s and early 1930s, a trend that would continue at a decelerated pace in the 1950s. The loss of the largely unskilled labor base of blacks caused longstanding societal divisions in the Confederacy as well as economic collapse.

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