The American Front refers to the campaigns of the Pacific War occurring in South and North America. The most notable of operations was the Japanese invasion of the United States, although significant fighting occurred both off of the coast as well as in the Aleutian islands and the Shelikov Peninsula and lower Tanana Valley in Alaska. The American Front was not only concentrated in North America, but significant military skirmishes occured in South America as well, most notably aerial bombings of Central America, the Battle of Panama, the Battle of the Galapagos, and several naval skirmishes off of the Chilean coast. This is regarded as the most significant theater of the war in its early stage (1924-1925) due to the sheer size of the Japanese war effort so far from home, although fighting in Asia supplanted the Americas as the focal point of the conflict starting in late 1925 until the conclusion of the war in the summer of 1929.

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