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Current AFL logo (1983-present).

The American Football League (AFL) is the primary professional football league of the United States. The AFL was founded with 11 teams in 1920, while today it is comprised of as many as 40 teams; in 1970, the AFL absorbed its smaller rivals, the NFL (Northern Football League) and the WFC (Western Football Conference), adding a total of 11 new teams to the league's roster.

It is currently divided into five divisions: Eastern, Northern, Midwest, Southern, and Western. Every January or February (following the season's conclusion), two teams, champions of the regular season and the League's Playoffs, compete in the Super Bowl, the annual championship game. The first game, Super Bowl I (SB-I) was played in January 1967, at the L.A. Memorial Coliseum, between the San Francisco 49ers and the Boston Patriots. The current champions are the Milwaukee Flyers, who defeated the Boston Patriots (35 to 14) to win Super Bowl XXXI at the Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis.


The AFL is composed of 40 teams at present, divided into five major divisions as follows:

Eastern Division

Division Team Stadium City Founded Joined
Eastern Boston Patriots Hunt Field Boston, MA 1959 1970
Eastern New York Titans Titan Stadium New York City, MH 1959 1970
Eastern Buffalo Bills Rich Stadium Orchard Park, NY 1959 1970
Eastern Miami Dolphins Dolphins Stadium Miami, EF 1965 1974
Eastern New York Giants Giants Stadium East Rutherford, NJ 1925 1925
Eastern Philadelphia Eagles Veterans Stadium Philadelphia, PA 1933 1933
Eastern Washington Senators American Park Washington, D.C. 1921 1921
Eastern Baltimore Colts Memorial Stadium Baltimore, MD 1950 1958
Eastern Halifax Hurricanes North Harbor Field Halifax, NS 1951 1959
Eastern New England Islanders Kelvin Dome Kelvin, NE 1959 1970
Eastern Brooklyn Dodgers Ebbets Field Brooklyn, MH 1930 1930

Northern Division

Division Team Stadium City Founded Joined
Northern Pittsburgh Steelers Three Rivers Stadium Pittsburgh, PA 1933 1933
Northern Cleveland Indians Indian Field Cleveland, OH 1923 1923
Northern Detroit Wolverines Detroit Metro Park Detroit, SM 1928 1928
Northern Milwaukee Flyers McNally-Conzelman Field Milwaukee, WI 1922 1922
Northern Chicago Cardinals Harbor Park Chicago, IL 1920¹ 1920
Northern Yorktown Tigers Lakedome Yorktown, ER 1930 1930

¹ (Oldest team still playing in the League)

Midwest Division

Division Team Stadium City Founded Joined
Midwest Columbus Hawks Scioto Field Columbus, OH 1920² 1920
Midwest Cincinnati Redskins Riverfront Stadium Cincinnati, OH 1933 1933
Midwest Indianapolis Tornadoes Hoosier Dome Indianapolis, IN 1953 1954
Midwest Kansas City Blues Bluefield Stadium Kansas City, MO 1924 1924

² (Second oldest team in the League; was founded and joined the AFL only three months after the Cardinals)

Southern Division

Division Team Stadium City Founded Joined
Southern Miko Chiefs Kaw City Superdome Miko, OK 1959 1970
Southern Memphis Cherokees Memphis Memorial Stadium Memphis, TN 1981³ 1981
Southern Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa Stadium Tampa, EF 1974 1974
Southern Ocala Panthers Panther Field Ocala, EF 1970 1970
Southern Dallas Mustangs Texas Stadium Dallas, TX 1960 1960
Southern Galveston Texans Texas City Center Galveston, TX 1960 1961
Southern Atlanta Falcons Georgia Dome Atlanta, GA 1965 1965
Southern Manheim Bobcats Louisiana Dome Manheim, LA 1966 1966
Southern Havana Tempest Tempest Stadium Havana, CU 1959 1959
Southern Santo Domingo Sailors Sailor Field Santo Domingo, DM 1961 1961

³ (Most recent team to join the AFL)

Western Division

Division Team Stadium City Founded Joined
Western Los Angeles Rams LA City Stadium Los Angeles, CA 1946 1946
Western San Francisco 49ers Candlestick Park San Francisco, CA 1944 1944
Western San Diego Chargers Jack Murphy Stadium San Diego, BA 1959 1970
Western Seattle Seahawks Kingdome Seattle, WA 1974 1974
Western Lewis Marines Marine Memorial Stadium Lewis, CL 1959 1970
Western Denver Broncos Mile-High Stadium Denver, CO 1959 1970
Western Phoenix Raptors Sun Devil Stadium Tempe, AZ 1959 1970
Western La Paz Californians Bay City Bowl La Paz, BA 1959 1970
Western Pacific City Chinooks Pacific Field Pacific City, OR 1959 1970

AFL - team cities (Alternity)

A map of all current AFL franchises.


Following the conclusion of the regular season, eight teams head to the playoff bracket: the division winners, the runner-ups of each division (excluding the Northern and Midwestern due to their small division size), and two wild-cards based on best record. The bracket is set up as a seed system (i.e. 1v8, 2v7, 3v6, 4v5).

Superbowl Playoff 97

A bracket of the most recent AFL playoffs and the results.

Super Bowl

Season Game Winning Team Losing Team Venue
1967 I San Francisco 49ers Boston Patriots L.A. Memorial Coliseum
1968 II Washington Senators Atlanta Falcons Memorial Stadium
1969 III Manheim Bobcats Miko Chiefs Hoosier Dome
1970 IV Kansas City Blues New York Giants North Harbor Field
1971 V Manheim Bobcats Halifax Hurricanes Jack Murphy Stadium
1972 VI Cleveland Indians New York Giants Pacific Field
1973 VII Buffalo Bills Chicago Cardinals Veterans Stadium
1974 VIII Galveston Texans Los Angeles Rams L.A. Memorial Coliseum
1975 IX Pittsburgh Steelers Milwaukee Flyers Texas City Center
1976 X Pittsburgh Steelers Dallas Mustangs McKinley Field
1977 XI Lewis Marines Detroit Wolverines McNally-Conzelman Field
1978 XII San Francisco 49ers Pacific City Chinooks Sun Devil Stadium
1979 XIII Pittsburgh Steelers Dallas Mustangs Pacific Field
1980 XIV Pittsburgh Steelers Los Angeles Rams Lakedome
1981 XV La Paz Californians San Diego Chargers Louisiana Dome
1982 XVI Phoenix Raptors Columbus Hawks Mile-High Stadium
1983 XVII Lewis Marines Ocala Panthers Bluefield Stadium
1984 XVIII Los Angeles Rams Lewis Marines Texas Stadium
1985 XIX Miko Chiefs Havana Cubans Memphis Memorial Stadium
1986 XX Miko Chiefs San Diego Chargers Kingdome
1987 XXI Brooklyn Dodgers Washington Senators North Harbor Field
1988 XXII Lewis Marines Baltimore Colts Detroit Metro Park
1989 XXIII San Diego Chargers New York Titans Kelvin Dome
1990 XXIV Halifax Hurricanes Cincinnati Redskins Jack Murphy Stadium
1991 XXV Brooklyn Dodgers Columbus Hawks Marine Memorial Stadium
1992 XXVI Halifax Hurricanes Buffalo Bills McKinley Field
1993 XXVII New York Titans Brooklyn Dodgers Lakedome
1994 XXVIII Havana Tempest Memphis Cherokees Harbor Park
1995 XXIX Chicago Cardinals Indianapolis Tornadoes Georgia Dome
1996 XXX Pittsburgh Steelers Dallas Mustangs Sun Devil Stadium
1997 XXXI Milwaukee Flyers Boston Patriots Hoosier Dome


Mississippi Bowl

The Mississippi Bowl is the all-star conference game for AFL players in teams based east of the Mississippi River (or in those bordering it). Players selected for the Mississippi Bowl are considered the "best of the best", or the elite, of the League's eastern half and are sometimes referred to as "M-Bowlers". It has been traditionally held at the Louisiana Dome in Manheim, Louisiana every first Friday in March (post-Super Bowl) since the event's inception in 1971.

Western/Mountain Bowl


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