American Empire
Pax americana wiki map 2bAmerican Empire
The American Empire and colonies
Capital Sacramento
Largest city New York
  others Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Italian, Polish, and Russian
Religion Roman Catholic
Ethnic Groups
Whites (mainly Americans of British, French, German, and Swedish descent), Africans
  others none
Government Unitary Theocratic Absolute Monarchy under Totalitarian Dictatorship
Population 500,000,000 
Established 1950
Independence from United States of America
  declared 1950
Currency Imperial Dollar

The American Empire is a military dictatorship and monarchy that borders with Quebec, Canada, Guatemala, Cuba, the Bahamas, and Belize. It is one of the world's five major powers in the world. It controls colonies within the Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa. The Empire was established by the Imperial-American Party following the end of Second American Civil War around 1950. Under the reign of Emperor Charles II, the American Empire expanded into Africa and much of the Middle East, rivaling the empires of Germany, Britain, France, and the Soviet Union. By the time of the Indo-American War, the Emperor had sent 2 million troops into Pakistan to knockout the Indian Republic's main army divisions. By the war's end, Pakistan was annexed into the empire.

It is one of the world's most advanced and most richest nations in the world. It is also a current ally to China, Spain, and Brazil.


Second American Civil War

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After another defeat during the Second World War by the British and Germans, the United States of America had begun experiencing a large economic depression, commonly known as the Second Great Depression. By 1948, riots broke out, and marshal law replaced peace and order as a result of terrorists who sought the establishment of a Communist state. However, the Communists were driven off, leaving a more powerful enemy to the government to rise up: the Imperial-American Party, a right-wing monarchist movement led by Charles. By March 13th, 1948, a terrorist attack took place within the White House, killing the President, and causing the Second American Civil War. The Party's hatred towards Communism, Socialism, Liberals, Japanese, Jews, Muslims, and secret societies thence often led to such a civil wars which had brought Charles to power. Two months later, banks were burnt by socialists and right-wing fascists, but popularity soon grew under the Imperial-American Party's influence against the U.S. Government, which was now on the verge of collapse. With the help of China and Germany, the Imperials killed off the Communist, Socialist, and Fascist movements, leaving only one enemy left other than the government: the Anarchist movement.

On June 30th, 1949, the Imperial-American Party took control of the Southern, Western, and Mid Western states, along with Alaska and Hawaii, leaving the East to the U.S government, where the anarchists sought to take power in Washington D.C. Seeing the US capital to be "too close into the danger of British invasion", the Imperial Party had then began to burn the city, and with it, the anarchists and the U.S Government. At the same time, Jews, Muslims, and Asians were rallied and beaten up by the Imperials, believing that the black and white races to be the "True American race". By 1950, with Washington DC burnt and forever ruined, the capital was moved into Chicago, beginning the constructing of the new Imperial Palace, leading to the rise of the American Empire under Charles II as its first Emperor. Meanwhile, only few U.S. Senators were alive, and they were forced to flee to London, Paris, Brussels, Rome, and Madrid.

Unification and Annexation of Mexico

By 1951, the American Empire had full control of the whole former United States, seeking to annex Mexico to begin its expansion. Most Mexicans, having to suffer the might of its oppressive government, had decided to join the American Empire as part of the Imperial Homeland. However, the Mexican government had refused to be annexed, leaving the Emperor with no choice but to send troops into the country and force its government to accept. Under the pressure of the Mexican people, the President of Mexico 'surrendered' his power to the American Empire, resulting in the annexation of Mexico.

Indo-American War

The Indo-American War Began in 1954, when the Republic of India refused to open trade to the empire, blaming them for the riots within the Pakistan region. The President of India then spoke with Charles II of the issue, but the two nations had never improved their diplomatic relations between each other. The reason was due to the overthrow of the U.S government and Pro-American riots in Pakistan demanding independence from India. The nuclear pact between U.S and India lasted only for two months, as a result of an economic and political downfall by the Imperial-American Party. By June 25th, 1954, a group of Pro-American Pakistanis attacked and killed three Indian officers during a huge riot against the Indian government, leading to the start of the Indo-American War.

On August 12th, 1954, the first American invasion took place within Pakistani shores, when Indian troops began building defenses against the invaders. With about 300 ships, 20 tanks, and 2,500,000 troops on the shore, the American Imperial Army then took the city of Karachi, using it as a base of operations for the Imperials. By August 20th, 1954, Hyderabad and Gwadar were also under American occupation. Two months later, after a failed Indian invasion of Hyderabad, the Imperials moved north towards Islamabad, where the main Indian base of operations was taking place.

After claiming all of Pakistan from India, the American Empire then set up a full scale invasion of India's southern ports, forcing the President to sign a peace treaty with the Americans. By October 22nd, 1954, the war was over, two days after the peace treaty was signed.

Alliance with Ireland

The American Empire, due to Emperor Charles II having some sort of Anglo-Celtic dependence, was very pleased to have Ireland regained its northern borders from the British Empire. In 1955, Charles II arrived at Dublin to congratulate the President of Ireland, who was at the time a close friend and fellow aristocrat of the Emperor during their days in school. Both of the two countries sought to crush the remains of Britain's collapsing empire, but the plan was already in ruin when Pro-British anarchists assassinated the President of Ireland on September 4th, 1955.

Sad and furious, the Emperor had then sent members of the Imperial-Watchguard to hunt down the rebels and execute them. By November 1st, the rebels were hanged and were claimed by the Imperial Party to be members of a Anglo-German conspiracy against America. This became a leading tension that continued over time as a result of the President's death. Charles II, with a painful and broken heart, blamed the British government for his friend's death and demanded they to apologize to the Irish, but the British refused, due to their bitter hatred with the island nation west of England. This assassination was planned not by extremists, but rather by the British government, except for Elizabeth II, in which she and her family were not told of the plan made for the assassination.

Despite the president's death, Ireland continued its partnership with America. Eager to build up its defenses, Ireland quickened the pace of a new military force of 100,000,000 troops and 200 tanks defending the Irish mainland. Meanwhile, in London, Queen Elizabeth II had noticed the Irish-American alliance building up their combined military machines. As a response, the British had also begun making their own defenses, preparing for any attack from the Irish that would come to them.

Relations with China

Having to defeat India during the Indo-American War, the Chinese begin to become suspicious of the American Empire's next political move. The American Emperor disliked communism, due to the fact that he claimed them to be "a puppet made by the Israeli government to take over America. In 1956, he visited Chairman Mao Zedong within the capital city of Beijing. Staying for four days, he and Mao talked about a non-aggression treaty. The Americans made up their own non-aggression pact by proclaiming the Japanese Empire as their own target and not China's, persuading the Chinese government to focus on the former Soviet Union. Despite such arguments, Mao agrees in a desperation to industrialize his country.

On September 2nd, 1956, the Chinese government witnessed a huge riot in Shanghai, an hour after the massacre of ten Japanese tourists, who were mistaken as spies. The riot lasted for 10 days and the Chinese blamed the American Empire for the spark of the event, claiming that the Americans had allowed the Japanese to sneak into Chinese borders, although the Americans were also against the Japanese.

World War2 soldiers 2

Imperial Troops sent into China during the First Sino-American War.

By September 17th, 1956, the First Sino-American War had begun, leaving Charles desperate enough to call upon the help from Japan. Two days later, Tojo Hideki, the dictator of Japan, had accepted the agreement, leading to conflict with Japan's western neighbor. By 1957, Fascist Spain had also declared war on China, with India joining forces with their northern neighbor by spring. On September 14th, Imperial troops were sent into northern parts of China to fight against the enemy, but were soon pinned down by heavy machine gun fire and falling bombs. The Spanish also began to have issues as they were occupying Shanghai only to face insurgent attacks.


The culture of the American Empire is a mixture between American, British, French, Spanish, Dutch, and Roman traditions. Traditional British, French, and American food are highly popular in the empire and the nation itself is predominantly of Germanic and French heritage with Christianity as the major religion (mostly Catholicism). The Irish culture, however, is extinguished from it, due to the fact that although pro-Irish, the Americans prefer a more "fitting culture" to their ways.




The American Empire believes primarily in the ideal of "God's chosen", in which it means that Anglo-Saxon race (primarily English Americans, Dutch Americans, and Scottish Americans) is considered the "master race" with all others to be below them except the Chinese, the Japanese, the Italians, and the Spanish.

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