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American Election of 1868 (Confederacy wins Antietam)

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Democratic Nominations

Convention held in Cincinnati, Ohio (which favored Pendleton).

  • Winfield Scott Hancock
  • Horatio Seymour
  • George Pendleton
  • August Belmont

Republican Nominations

Convention held in New York, New York.

  • Salmon P. Chase
  • Benjamin Wade


  • George Pendleton-Thomas H. Seymour
  • Salmon P. Chase-Benjamin Butler


By State

State Electoral Votes Chosen TIcket
New York 33 Pendleton-Seymour
Pennsylvania 26 Pendleton-Seymour
Ohio 21 Pendleton-Seymour
Illinois 16 Chase-Butler
Indiana 13 Chase-Butler
Massachusetts 12 Pendleton-Seymour
Michigan 8 Chase-Butler
Iowa 8 Chase-Butler
Wisconsin 8 Chase-Butler
Maryland 7 Pendleton-Seymour
New Jersey 7 Pendleton-Seymour
Maine 7 Chase-Butler
Connecticut 6 Pendleton-Seymour
New Hampshire 5 Chase-Butler
Vermont 5 Chase-Butler
California 5 Chase-Butler
Rhode Island 4 Chase-Butler
Minnesota 4 Chase-Butler
Delaware 3 Pendleton-Seymour
Oregon 3 Chase-Butler
Nevada 3 Chase-Butler


Pres. Candidate VP Candidate States Won Electoral Votes
Pendleton Seymour 8 119
Chase Butler 13 79

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