After Lincoln signed the Treaty of Trenton in 1864, many people began to dislike Lincoln. Lincoln ultimately decided that he would not run again. The election put Democrat Horatio Seymour against Republican Salmon P. Chase. After a close race and a 106-97 victory in electoral votes, Chase won mostly because of his promise to aid the North in economic recovery from their losses in the Civil War.

Conventional Nominations

Democratic Nominations

Convention in Chicago, Illinois.

  • Horatio Seymour
  • Thomas H. Seymour
  • James Guthrie

Republican Nominations

Convention in Baltimore, Maryland.

  • Ulysses S. Grant
  • Hannibal Hamlin
  • Salmon P. Chase
  • Benjamin Wade


  • Horatio Seymour-George H. Pendelton (Democratic)
  • Salmon P. Chase-Benjamin Butler (Republican)


State by State Results

State Electoral Votes Chosen TIcket
New York 33 Seymour-Pendleton
Pennsylvania 26 Seymour-Pendleton
Ohio 21 Chase-Butler
Illinois 16 Chase-Butler
Indiana 13 Chase-Butler
Massachusetts 12 Chase-Butler
Michigan 8 Seymour-Pendleton
Iowa 8 Chase-Butler
Wisconsin 8 Chase-Butler
Maryland 7 Seymour-Pendleton
New Jersey 7 Seymour-Pendleton
Maine 7 Chase-Butler
Connecticut 6 Seymour-Pendleton
New Hampshire 5 Chase-Butler
Vermont 5 Chase-Butler
California 5 Chase-Butler
Rhode Island 4 Seymour-Pendleton
Minnesota 4 Chase-Butler
Delaware 3 Seymour-Pendleton
Oregon 3 Seymour-Pendleton
Nevada 2 Chase-Butler


Pres. Candidate VP Candidate States Won Electoral Votes
Chase Butler 12 106
Seymour Pendelton 9 97

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