Alt Hist political map

politics by the 1970's

American Dominance

With the commencing of the Cold War the United States and Soviet Russia used their political and economic systems in an attempt to dominate or contain the other. It was an unprecedented conflict that saw no true war between the Superpowers.


With the Crushing of the Nazis and the massive decolonization effort, many of Britain's colonies wanted independence, instead of independence reforms were put into place which gave all British controlled states/Dominions equal say in the politics of the Empire. This led to an unusually stable influence still in the Middle East, the creation of Israel without issues and their subsequent arming by both the British Empire and the US. The Survival of the British Empire saw the need of the Soviet Union to Create another power on par with their own to be their ally to counteract the Influence of the US and British which were closely tied together following the Second World War. Without the collapse of the Empire meant Humanitarian and terrorist Issues in the Middle East remained non-existent and by 1975 These were some of the most resource productive parts of the Empire.

Union of Germany

The defecting of a soldier ended in the deaths of East German border guards. Conflict between East and West Germany was seen as inevitable, East German forces crossed the Iron Curtain and were subsequently destroyed as the Western German forces taking advantage of the Soviet's predicament in tackling two separate powers Globally advanced far into East Germany with some units reported reaching Berlin. Soviet forces subsequently pulled out and deployed along bordering nations. East Germany fell and the Union of Germany was complete.

Communist fail in vietnam, but take the rest of Indo-China

Indo-China under full control of separate influences

Chinese Expansion

With the loss of Germany and the subsequent unrest caused by the fall of Communism in Germany the USSR looked for other ways to expand its influence, Korea was not an option, but Indochina especially the US involving in Vietnam winding down, Soviet influence expanded exponentially as US hardliners finally got control of the Vietnamese conflict. North Vietnam was in the cross hairs to be invaded by US forces. Soviet and now even Chinese forces were seen all throughout Indochina preparing something. The planned US pull out was still scheduled and the North-South cease fire was violated near immediately. When the war looked hopeless for South Vietnam US forces surged forward exponentially their pull out staged and within one month North Vietnam was in full retreat. To Avoid conflict and to keep plans secret the USSR and Chinese don't aid Communist North. By 1977 North Vietnam and South Vietnam are united under the South while the Rest of Indochina surprisingly falls to Soviet Supported Chinese.

1981 Fall of an Empire

British empire falls

the fall of the British empire and US and Soviet expansion

By 1981 the British empire is suffering as unrepaired infrastructure from the various environmental and Communist guerrilla fights causing damage. The Empire was in clear and present danger of falling apart opening the way for Sino-Soviet forces to take the oil laden Middle East and pressure India into joining their Bloc. With the fall imminent the US organized the takeover of much of the Empire which became widely accepted as the US as of recently was seen as a bastion of peace and stability.

By late 1981 the takeover was complete and much of the British Empire fell under US control while a domestically powerful Britain began the Formation of a singular nation of Europe co-opted and heavily supported by Germany. Talks begin in creating the European Federation.

While this is happening the fall of Global British power brought the Soviets into the Middle East using the confusion to bypass and secure positions there.

1989 China's Mistake

Chinas mistake

Invasion of China

With the Soviet Union beginning to open up thanks to Gorbachev's reforms the KGB manages to discover the coup plot, the Coup is completely destroyed before it can take place and Gorbachev's reforms take place allowing for the more capitalist economy to begin forming in the USSR supplied heavily by US business or US funded Ventures, all current members and allies of the Soviet Union ratify except China. The Tiananmen Square protest take place live, televised to the world as students speak out against their government.

North Korea begins to rattle sabers and lines up on the Border provoking the highly paranoid south and the US. China deploys the military to deal with the Tiananmen protests. The US Navy deploys to the oceans around China. All diplomatic relations are cut between the two nations and Indian soldiers begin posturing to Invade China. President Reagan offers an Ultimatum to China.

"Surrender to the will of your people or you will surrender to the will of freedom"

Word leaks out to the Chinese people that the US and its Allies are posturing for an attack and Violent Riots begin to break out all over China and parts of the military begin to Rebel in support of the people. The invasion of China begins as the US wipes out North Korea and dominates Chinese airspace. Republic of India forces invade China from the west as Rebel military forces contact Taiwan and are Organized by the Taiwanese Military, the Rebirth of the Republic of China begins.
Caputulation of China

China's fall

Fall of China

Blunders of the Chinese military cause massive casualties as the entirety of the US and its pacific allies come to bear against a falling Chinese Regime. the Soviet Union ignores China's calls for help as it deploys soldiers to its border with China to stem refugees. Beijing remains the only major city under complete Chinese control, By 1990 Beijing is under complete siege by ROC, US, South Korean, and Indian soldiers. Beijing Capitulates after three months of intense urban conflict. Nuclear weapons are surprisingly not used as the remaining Chinese leadership unconditionally surrender. The Soviet Union remains unalarmed by these events as the Us and its Allies try to rebuild China.

Rebirth of a Cold War

With the fall of China and the reformation of the Soviet Union the US became lax in its global position. With Both Superpowers still around the burden of Global policing was put between the two powers. By 2005 The USSR has begun to expand again under a new ambition leader. The Expansion into the Middle East and Africa and even swaying allies in South America is Ignored by an economically stunted US. Even with obvious American dominance The USSR now a democratic association of states with a booming economy once again comes into contention with the US.

Rebirth of the Cold war

The Soviet Sphere of Influence coming about once again

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