This is the page for the American Continental Organization. This shows the members, allies, enemies, observatory states, issues, war room, and all other stuff.


  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • American Union
  • Central American Empire
  • Texas
  • Nebraska (Texan satellite)
  • Louisiana (Texan satellite)
  • Miami (under Texan jurisdiction)
  • West Florida (under Texan jurisdiction)
  • Ohio
  • South Alabama/Mobile- under Ohio jurisdiction




Observatory States


Allies and Enemies?

So far, we have started our organization, and every nation on these continents should have forged alliances/friendships or established conflict with others. What shall be put on this list? RandomWriterGuy 04:22, June 27, 2012 (UTC)

Red Hand-GNAA Members is the Only Major Conflict In the Continent Currently

For Alliances the Major Is the GNAA and this One Sine dei gloriem 23:33, June,27,2012 (UTC)

Mind you do the honors by filling that in please? RandomWriterGuy 04:51, June 27, 2012 (UTC)


GNAA:All North American Nations Except Dakota and Red Hand Central American Empire

MSCIS:Durango Empire, Central American Empire, And Brazil

American Union-Cuba

Cascadia-California-Texas (Western Union)

Ohio-American Union -Great American Union)





Redhand-GNAA Members Conflict

South America Division

How should we divide South America between Brazil, Chile and CAE

Brazil: Maybe like this:

  1. Red: Brazil
  2. Yellow: Chile
  3. Brown: CAE (and Durango in the second map)
  4. Green: Durango (first map)
  5. Blue: American Union, the GNAA can negotiate from there though,Axyljohnson

This is just a proposal. CAE I think I Should Get More and Chile Should Receive A little Bit more as well give more terrain to The colonies Of Each GNAA Nation.

Something Like this

Brazil: In this map I even lost some of the old Brazil, and only the AU ask for a colony. You already have 3/4 of Mexico, contain yourself.

CAE: Well, you Have More than All of us so I don't think that Losing those terrains would be Major losses to you as well that you gave yourself Paraguay. As well either way you have most of Brazil terrain

Chile: Who's the dark green?

CAE:Durango Empire... Which Will not gain Continental Land But will get A Small portion of Brazilian Amazoniac island Divided Between all of us

Brazil: You are the CENTRAL American Empire, any loss of Brazilian land is my loss, and Chile is even bigger (no offense).

Brazil: In your map I even lost most Paraguay xD.

CAE: Following your logic the British Empire Could Have not Set Colonies outside British Isles because there wouldn't be called that way and you didn't lose All Paraguay I just gave some terrain to them. Right now this is the best offer for me and you. After all, if we set this you could start focusing on setting Colonies in Africa being the nearest nation there.

Brazil: That's not my logic. Chile gave permission to AU to set a colony. It's not an invasion. And this is not the best for me. The best for me is the first.

CAE:I know they are not invading. I was the one who said to make them in Uruguay to not interfere with us and it is your logic. You said that I'm the Central American Empire AND saying that there's so much terrain in Southern America would be pointless.

And we'll let Chile make the next map and we'll see if it fits for both.

Are we dividing it or no?

Brazil: Calm down, wait for Chile's opinion.

CAE: Well, he seems to be busy, You Should accept then Control the territories under your Control after That Make a Developed Navy and Like we discuss with Durango set Colonies in Africa

Hey has Someone Reached a Decision? or a New Division Map?

Now that Brazil Is online a new Deal Please.

Brazil: I'm waiting for Chile, but for now I offer this: you keep northwest Brazilian Amazony (the state ), but I get the south and east from French Guiana.

CAE: I don't think Chile cares that much about the Territorial division but give me more Terrain in the north I don't want all Brazilian Amazony if not more Atlantic Territories if you do I'll give you French Guiana south and east.

Brazil: Hmm, OK, I give you all northeast coast, but you give me South Guyana, South Surinam and South French Guiana. And I keep most of the Brazilian north, sounds good?

CAE a map to see how would it turn out, Use mine and just change the borders.

Chile: So you guys have been talking. I think we should choose the second map.

CAE second map In order of upload or in Order of Organization also that's why I said that you should make a new map.

Are we going to divide South America Or not?

War Room


Nearly every nation in this alliance is at war with the CSA. This is the room on how we shall defeat this nation.

You do realise the CSA no longer exists. We defeated it two years ago

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