American Conservative Party
Chairman Kurt Schrader (OR)
President of the United States Ron Reagen (CL)
Vice President of the United States Terry Branstad (IA)
House Leader Speaker Paul Ryan (WI)
Senate Leader Majority Leader Chuck Hagel (NE)
Chair of Governors Association George Wallace, Jr. (AL)
Founded July 4, 1971; 44 years ago
Merger of American Independent Party Republican Party
Headquarters 310 First Street SE Washington, D.C. 20003
Newspaper National Review
Student wing College Conservatives
Youth wing Young Conservatives
Women's wing National Federation of Conservative Women
Overseas wing Conservatives Abroad
Membership  (2012) 47.5 million
Ideology Wallacism

Protecionism Anti-corruption American nationalism Paleoconservatism Economic conservatism Fiscal conservatism

Social conservatism
Colours Red
Seats in the Senate 74 / 100
Seats in the House 346 / 435
Governorships 41 / 50
State Upper Chamber Seats 1,434 / 1,972
State Lower Chamber Seats 4,044 / 5,411