No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

E plurubis unum (English)

Anthem "Star Spangled Banner"
Washington, DC {{{capital}}}
Largest city NYC
  others Spanish
Religion Christianity
Ethnic Group Caucasian and African American
Demonym American
Legislature Confederal Government
President President Zachary (2013-0000)
Presidential Liaison Samuel Willowson
Area 3,764,243 km2 km²
Population 123,545,374 
Established 1986
Currency Dollar
Time Zone EST
Organizations Anti-Communist Movement, Walmart, CIA, NATO
The American Confederation is a democratic nation primarily situated on the East coast of New America. Due to the American Uprising it is no longer a superpower, most significantly a nuclear superpower.

Its capitalist economy makes it a economic powerhouse allowing for massive budgets on postwar humaniya

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