In 1983 in the month of October the United States Government is overthrown in a violent Revolution aided by Warsaw Pact Forces and its allies of Latin America via an invasion of the United States. Here is how it happened

  • Pre 1983 Revolution
  • 1971 Beginnings

The Prelude of the 1983 Revolution began in 1971 during the Nixon Shock in which he announced the end of America's Gold System via Brenton Woods. His shock led to the increase of the various communist parties that already was 5k members total and increased to 30k by the end of 1971.

  • 1972 The APP is Born

1972 The various communist parties merged together creating the American Peoples Party that merged all small parties with the main communist party usa and decided to run candidates and increase voter numbers in the now merged party that started in the local and state elections held for 1972 in November when the Presidential election was held. That year its candidates won 25 percent of those seats that unseated both democrats and Republicans.

  • 1973 The APP increases

1973 the 2nd anniversary of the American Peoples Party held a convention in St Louis MO and plan on running elections in every major election for 1974. Its membership increased to 1million members at the end of 1973.

  • 1974 First All offices on the ballot

1974 Was the first yeat the APP runs candidates that was decided at the January convention and vowing to unseat 12 percent of the US Congress and taking New York state legislature promising a takeover of the New York state economy. 1974 the APP has become the 2nd largest party at 28 million members and for five years its gains became slow to moderate and its membership would increase to 35 million by 1979

  • 1976

1976 saw the first presidential election that the election went to the US House to be decided and chose Carter/Mondale based upon party votes where the APP joined the Democrats in securing that victory.

  • 1978 APP Takes stand

1978 Saw the APP take an issue involving Iran calling for the Shah to be removed.

  • 1979 The end of the APP as a legal Party

1979 The shah was fled Iran and moved to Egypt.

Late 1979 the US economy slowed and the APP decides to demand national strikes to blame the capitalist.

Jimmy Carter in October 1979 decided to allow the Shah of Iran to seek Medical treatment in New York over the objections of the APP. The APP denounces Jimmy Carter to the Iranian Nation and the American people.

November 4th 1979 the US Embassy in Tehran was stormed and seized leading to 444 days of hostage crisis and the APP statement announces that Jimmy Carter was warned. November 5th is when the APP 1976 candidates will run in 1980 on the platform of Nationalization of the economy including making property part of the Government, repairing foreign relations and ending the Cold War and living in harmony with other nations and ending NATO. Republican Ronald Reagan announces his plan to end the Soviet Union in peace, Preserving the Free Market and crushing the APP.

December 26th The Soviet Union invades Afghanistan in response to the Afghan Civil War. The APP passes resolution in support of the Soviet Union and calls for strikes against US involvement in the Afghan Civil war and cut off the mujihadeen and demands General Zia of Pakistan be cut off as well. Jimmy Carter responds by announcing banning the APP and arrest and detention of the APP as enemies of America and rejects the cut off. His announcement leads to APP members, elected officials and its families to migrate to Communist nations and leads to a party in exile calling for Americans to strike and rise up if the APP ban isn't lifted.

December 27th. The Federal Election Commission decides to strip the American Peoples Party of its Federal Recognition as a Political Party and declare it banned and disqualifiying its 1980 Presidental Candidate

December 28th the FBI, US Marshall, State and local law enforcement jointly arrest the first 60k suspected APP members under President Jimmy Carter enforcement of the 1942 Alien and Sedition act

December 29th President Carter gives APP members until March 1st to leave America to avoid registration or register with the Federal Government as belonging to a outlaw organization and announces only way to not register is too denounce the APP for the chaos it supports

  • 1980 the year that would change America as the beginning of the end of the Capitalist Government

January 1, 1980

First members of the APP who were in Office arrive in Moscow,USSR and announce the formation of a political Party in exile that includes a military wing. The APP joins other exile Communist or Communist minded groups like the ANC of South Africa and the last Marxist President Allende own Political Party

January 6th

Media reports that the APP military wing is beginning training in an undisclosed location in California and New York. It vows to shock the Jimmy Carter administration by September.

January 7th Ronald Reagan who is campaigning in Iowa is not shocked at the announcement of the APP planning an uprising and change the Government by force because Reagan said that is how the Khmer Rouge did in Kampuchea from 1970 to 1975 that they used a coup to get more people to fight and later they took power and killed anyone including other entertainers like I once was until 1961 and who wore eyeglasses or educated or lastly was a journalist. Meanwhile the APP in Moscow announced that if Reagan becomes President and doesn't allow the APP back into America they vow to come back by force of arms with their new friends and its current and future allies.

All through the rest of January the US economy get much worse and those who want the Change the APP wanted prior to it being outlawed migrate to the USSR or other Communist Nations and sign up to be part of the upcoming uprising against the current US Government system and would fight when the time comes

From February until April the US Primaries go well for both Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan who vow to deal with the APP where Jimmy Carter when return to office in January 1981 would re-allow the American Peoples Party back as a legal party but would refrain from being funded by the Soviet Union and other Communist nations but not those who called for an armed uprising but would eventually allow their return. Ronald Reagan said hell would freeze over if he thinks the APP should be allowed back or its members be released from prison not before the Soviet Union ceases to end. Reagan also said the APP would have to be different party including no foreign support and would have to denounce other genocides by communism.

Summer of 1980 both parties adopted platforms that called for the APP to either in the Dems platform be allowed as a legal opposition but face stricter requirements like annual reviews of its financial reports. The GOP calls for the APP to eventually be legalize when the threat of the Soviet Union is reduced

The APP responds to both platforms that in the case of the Dems it is acceptable to their standards but the GOP platform the APP says is no more then a pro fascist idea and ask why they still have KKK members and religious lunatics running its party.

September 1980 the APP carries out its first attack by targeting Allegheny Ballistics Laboratory at Rocket Center,WV and stealing certain military hardware. The FBI and US Navy reports the equipment stolen were used in shells and the attackers in 72 hours went back to the Soviet Union. Jimmy Carter announces that he will recall the US Ambassador back and reduce its diplomatic presence in the Soviet Union. Ronald Reagan announces he will as President announce more severe sanctions in January 1981

The 1980 fall debate held by the league of women voters that the APP was mentioned by Anderson, Reagan and Carter. Their responses are as follows

Anderson said the APP was a party who could express its views so freely until the Carter Administration refused to listen to their advice

Reagan said outlawing the APP until further notice was a smart idea by the Administration but felt the elected APP men and woman should of been rounded up first and interned but instead they move to Moscow, Havana and other communist capitals. Reagan vows to drastically reduce the power of the APP abroad by encouraging congress to pass bills that will help Americans go back to work and when the Soviet Union is weaken he would then allow the least trouble makers of the APP back to the United States

November 1980 Ronald Reagan wins in a closer election but Reagan had 272 winning also Hawaii that was last won by Nixon and Rhode Island that last voted Republican in 1972 electoral votes compared to 240 electoral votes for Carter in which he loses WV but picked up a Republican first time since 1956 and his home state of Georgia and 26 for Anderson in which he wins his state of IL only. The APP announces they will now carry out an uprising as soon as Sometime after Reagan is in Office that will be announce at the time.

  • 1981 the Uprising begins

January 20th 1981 Ronald Reagan who shocked America announced at 12:05pm that he signed an executive order that puts a total ban on all consumer products to the Soviet Union and order American companies to cease doing business with the Soviet Union and does not plan on announcing a Ambassador to the Soviet Union. Meanwhile the Soviet Union responds with similar sanctions on the United States and announces the reduction of its embassy staff and closes its consulates down. Experts have said the Soviet Products would hurt the US much more because Soviet Allies could place a total embargo on the United States and similar actions.

January 22nd US Media reports that the BBC was invited to APP military training camps in the Soviet Union and the APP has said 500k Americans have joined its military wing and some have been sent back to the USA already to prepare the arm uprising and the rest have been sen to Africa and Central America to help with revolutions.

January 23rd the pentagon reports the BBC is correct that the APP is now ready for Armed Conflict in this part of the world. The Pentagon is going to congress in a few day to ask for the power to draft men into military service and ask for 12 billion dollars to rearm the military

January 26th the Pentagon appears in the armed services committee to plea their case for more funding to combat the APP military wing. These hearings will continue until the end of the month

February 1st the Armed Services committee has decided that a 6-3 vote that it approves sending the Pentagon request to the US House to retrain the military via the draft and rearming the military.

February 2nd Congress begins debate on the Pentagon request and the President urges immediate response.

February 6th after four days of debate the vote was held today to deny the Pentagon Request by a vote of 290 to 245. The President responds this is a bad day for our way of life. He said that he will work on finding a way to rebuild the military and the economy

From February 10th until May 2nd the US congress has denied the President everything and approval ratings dropped to 30 percent even during the Hinckley assassination attempt back in March that temporary rose his approval ratings to 60 percent but dropped again.

May 3rd the APP launches uprisings in California, New York and Illinois beginning its armed campaign and also helping rebels in the Americas from El Salvador to Mexico overthrow their governments in 14 months. The American people respond in shock and fear that everyday they go to work the APP steals their income by their acts of sabotage and killings. The APP announces that Reagan refuses to allow them freedom and only gives his biggest money supporters a better life. The APP message resonates with the American people of ending their current system. NATO responds by sending troops and aid under current obligation of NATO and the APP responds by sending their diplomatic staff to convince them to withdraw support of the US Government. The US economy suffers via strikes and violence and creates long gas lines and food lines. President Reagan responds by more talk.

  • 1982: Support for America begins to drop

The world responds one year later by saying the US and APP should sit down and talk. President responds that the APP is a violent organization that will be crushed. The Swiss has offer to mediate talks and the APP agrees but the US Government responds with no. The nations of Europe faces increase protest to end their support of the US Government under Reagan and recognise the APP as a legitimate Government in Exile.

September 1, 1982 the NATO members of Europe announce an immediate withdrawal of its troops from the USA by January 2nd, 1983 and will also recognised in full the APP. The APP gives assurances that it won't increase anymore attacks on its troops and will fight harder against the US troops. Portugal and Canada has announce that it will continue US Government recognition. The European members of NATO have decided to will withdraw and disband NATO on January 2nd 1983

November 22, 1982 the Warsaw pact nations and other communist nation has decided to end its diplomatic, cultural and economic ties with the US Government by December 31st. Reagan Responds in the same fashion and gives those nationals until December 31st and also announces loyal subjects also must leave from their nations.

December 1st the United Nations in New York has decided to relocate to Geneva, Switzerland by January 5th 1983 and will unseat the current US representatives in the UN and related organizations and recognize the exile APP upon the move to Geneva Switzerland in January. The UN also said a new US Government would after the APP wins would be more open about the UN then the current US Government. The UN has said it will not return to New York after the end of the war.

  • 1983 The end of the US Government and beginning of a New Government

January 2nd the US Government starts out with nearly no friends left and the US Dollar has total loss of Value and will soon enter hyperinflation that began in 1977 and increased under Reagan.

January through September 1st Many nations have switch its recognition from the US Government to the exile APP and ended any ties to the US Government leading to the mass exodus of their nationals. Also in the middle of 1983 the APP and its new allies have now invaded the USA and took from May 22nd until September 30th to finally win. Major bombings in that period were nuclear destruction of the following five cities and are as follows New York which suffered two nuclear attacks, Los Angeles, Miami, Titusville, Florida and Chicago which occurred September 26th. In the last few months over 111 million American fled the nation to avoid the war or not wanting to live under a new Government that plans on taking power.

June 4th Washington DC is the first US major city to fall into APP and its allies hands and was peacefully surrendered due to the US military defenders not being fed properly and not being paid for the last two months due to the US Government no longer have the money not able to print money to run the Government. British military experts have said it is a matter of time when the US Government surrendering prior to November 1st when remaining dollars drain and military shells, bullets and bombs run out leading to blood shed. Meanwhile, the US military and President Reagan in the relocated capital in Pierre South Dakota have denied anything will drain and vows to do the offensive war and regain 25 percent lost territory of the US Government that is now in the hands of the Warsaw Pact, APP and Latin American armies.

September 2nd the APP and its allies have launched Final assaults into other cities.

September 26 the US and the world goes into chaos when Soviet bombers targets six cities with seven bombs and the port of LA in Long Beach. Cities nuked include New York with two bombs, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and Titusville, FL. Leaving the US in shock that in one day the Communist forces took 400 miles more while cities not yet under Communist control riot and demand the US Government resign and demand peace with the Communist. The US Government announced no peace and President Reagan was rumored to of fled from Pierre ND and flown to Boston MA and hasn't been seen except at a boat that is unconfirmed but believe is planning to leave America knowingly the war is now on a fast end.

October 1st the US Government has announced that due to a collapse currency and defeated military. The amount of dead in the two years of war were as follows 40 million civilians including the six cities. Eighy million Troops captured or dead. 75 percent unemployment. Cost of gasoline reached $7 per gallon. Wages collapsing to 0.10 per hour. A temporary flag is also to be used that will be based on the Communist symbol of the APP replacing the red, white and blue forever.

October 2nd President Reagan who barely escaped from DC on September 26th on a cargo ship arrived in Lisbon Portugal to begin his exile. He said he was sorry his stances led to the suffering of his country. President Reagan met members of the former embassy to discuss on how to restore the Government that was headed by Ronald Reagan. President Reagan blames all nations for not sticking by him. President Reagan has vow to never return to America. Most members of Congress have been arrested, fled or died during the war as Reagan announced from Lisbon and the US Congress hadn't been in session since March 2nd when the money became officially worthless

October 3rd the US Constitution in place since 1787 has been suspended and would be replaced with a new constitution and the National Anthem has been suspended. Some US Generals who changed sides during the War has announced with the transitional Government that Martial Law has been instituted. Curfew begins at 10pm daily and ends at 8am daily. The transitional Government has announced that money amount withdrawn from ATM and Banks will be limited to $100 per day until the US Banking system is fully restored. Also a replacement of current currency will be replaced at full value on January 2nd, 1984

October 4th the New US Government in Washington has announced the system of Government will be National Communism and Tito-ism. Also has announced a Crimes against humanity commission will be formed and will announce its results by November 2nd

October 5th The last US Democratic President Jimmy Carter has announced he plans on writing about his experience as President and how his December 26th 1979 decree outlawing the American Peoples Party was a mistake and could of prevented the now ousted President Ronald Reagan from ever getting elected.

October 6th The Portuguese Government has announced that since Reagan based on reports from its embassy in DC received reports that Ronald Reagan will be likely indicted. It has been announced he will be placed under House Arrest at the former US Embassy.Reagan released a statement saying he has been disappointed the Portuguese government would even consider this action without hearing the indictments.

October 10th the New Government in DC headed by the American Peoples Party (APP) has decided to take control of Private Property and large US corporations and will rebuild effectively October 13th 1983 and continue for the next seven years concluding October 1990. The five cities that were struck will have its rebuilding delay until radiation levels are at safe levels before they get rebuilt. Also elections will be held effective November 1984 to elect all levels of Government that will serve the next four years for President, six years for Senate and two years for the House of Representatives. A decree today bans the Republican and Democratic parties. Remaining Democratic and Republican office holders must meet by November 22nd to decide if they will join the APP or not. Those who refuse to join will be banned from ever serving in Office.

October 15th in the two weeks since the end of the two year conflict their is still a few places not pacified and are inland West Coast, Portions of the Southwest, A lot of the southeast, Appalachia, Lots of the Rocky Mountains and 35 percent of Alaska currently remains out of the new regime's hands.

October 16th the new DC Government has announced that all USA Territories and the states of Alaska and Hawaii will be given independence by the end of 1983.

October 17th A decree calls for a November 22nd convention in Washington DC calls for merging all Political Parties except for the ones who call for racism, religious laws and fascism into a new Political Party. Those who will not be merged will have its current members consider enemies of the nation and will either be re educated, imprisoned or tried for crimes against America and those on Trial will be tried differently from the leaders.

November 1st. The Crimes against humanity commission has announced that All members of the Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan administrations will be put on Trial for their crimes against the American people including all the others in the Presidential Line of Succession. Since President Reagan has already been arrested in Portugal they already agreed to extradite him back.

November 2nd the Government of Portugal like after WW2 war criminals has agreed to hand over Former President Reagan to the New US Government for Trial. Former President Reagan has said I did nothing - all I did was innocent things. But the US Government has said his crimes were stealing wages, outlawing political parties that he didn't call for genocide.

November 3rd Former President Reagan landed at Andrews Air Force base in a Portuguese Government plane that was made by Boeing Aircraft. Former President Reagan peacefully was taken to Ft Myers in Virginia waiting along with Jimmy Carter and other former administration officials of both former Presidents. Response by former Generals of the former US Army who now lead the counter Revolution responded that one day we will take back the USA from the Communists and put them on Trial. These counter Revolutionaries said the Government that will one day return will then proceed towards Moscow.

November 4th The remaining non Communist Government responded that they will have strong militaries that will be used for national defense. It recognizes the new US Government as a friend to have diplomatic relations.

November 5th until the 22nd no new news was reported

November 22nd the convention to merge all political parties has begun and debate is about what it will believe in. Convention to conclude November 25th

November 26th After three days the delegates have concluded that the new Party will be named the American Peoples Unity Party (APUP) The name takes effect December 1st. All voters will be rolled into the new Party on that day. All other parties will cease on December 1st. The party believes that Medical care is a right officially ending Private Insurance coverage and Medications will also be free effectively taking over all pharmacies but the owners will be paid a percentage of 35 percent for meds issued but will be able to still charge other items. Americans will have the right to Travel like anyone else a tradition that remains from the former government except the last two years. American small business will still be allowed to exist and the cap they can hire is 45 people. A minimum wage of $9 per hour will be paid to non business owners plus a stipend of $400 per month to every American. Energy independence is our national Key stone and Oil, Coal, Gas, Wind, Solar and Geothermal will be used. Americans will be allowed for guns. One handgun and one hunting rifle. Housing in America will be owned by the Government and will remain so that all Americans are not sleeping on the streets. Lastl,y personal Wealth of the affluent of the former US Economic system must be moved out by January 1 or will be seized by the US Government

December 10 the Government has today with no notice that the criminals of the previous administration have been indicted and all pleaded not guilty. Trial for these criminals will begin March 1st at the US Supreme Court and conclude by October 1st 1984. Sentences will range from death to a minimum of five yrs.

  • 1984 The Crimes against humanity Trial held in Washington, DC the seat of the crime.

From March 1 to October 1 the defendants have daily denied their role as evil and defended them.

October 1 the Trial has concluded and the Jury has also rested

October 10th The jury has returned and the defendants are sentenced as follows:

  • President Ronald Reagan-Guilty = Death
  • President Jimmy Carter-Guilty = Life
  • Secretary of state Cyrus R. Vance, 1977-Guilty = 20 yrs

Edmund S. Muskie, 1980=Guilty-Life

  • Secretary of the Treasury Donald T. Regan-Not Guilty W. Michael Blumenthal, 1977-Guilty one yr

G. William Miller, 1979-guilty one yr

  • Secretary of Defense Caspar W. Weinberger-Guilty=death Harold Brown-Not guilty
  • Attorney General William French Smith-Guilty=life

Benjamin R. Civiletti, 1979-Guilty-five yrs

  • Secretary of the Interior James G. Watt/William P. Clark=guilty-30 yrs
  • Secretary of Agriculture John R. Block-Not Guilty
  • Secretary of Commerce Malcolm Baldrige-Guilty=Life
  • Secretary of Labor Raymond J. Donovan-Guilty=ten yrs
  • Secretary of Health and Human Services-Richard S. Schweiker-Guilty-life
  • Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Samuel R Pierce Jr-Guilty-20 yrs
  • Secretary of Transportation Andrew L. Lewis, Jr-Guilty-ten yrs
  • Secretary of Energy James B. Edwards-Guilty-45 yrs
  • Secretary of Education T. H. Bell-Not Guilty

Rest of Carter Cabinet not named due to them having no role that led to the teo year war. Also Vice President George H.W. Bush was not indicted and chose after brief period of House Arrest to migrate to Switzerland with his entire Family. Last Reagan Secretary of Transportation Elizabeth Dole fled with Bob Dole into exile. Mrs Dole was not named as a criminal.

  • 1984 Economic Reconstruction begins

Most US companies like Apple and Microsoft had relocated to Europe and incorporated in Ireand and the United Kingdom in early 1983 so it wouldn't fall into the hands of the new Communist regime when it would seized power in October of 1983. Years later Microsoft and Apple Establish a limited presence in the United States under national office in the Government sponsored Tech Zone of Silicon Valley. Most of America has begun cleanup and the Government also plans on using prisoners in the reconstruction effort that will take until 1990 to complete

  • 1984 Election.

First time since 1982 has the United States holds an election. The last APP Lawmakers ran under the new American Peoples Unity Party along with those former Republicans and Democrats who joined the Unity Party. The new election abolished Primaries and in November over 10k people ran for Federal Office and 200,000 ran for numerous local and state offices

  • 1985 Sentences carried out

We begin 1985 with Sentences being carried out and fighting the Civil War

March and May we carried out the Reagan Administration death sentences. March We execute President Reagan for his crimes against Americans and his death was on live television and led to the increase of violence and leading to full blown civil war that lasted until May when the last of the Former Government Troops surrendered when they were promise a pardon and an exodus for those who would not fit in with the New America.

On May 20th we executed Caspar Weinberger who order many retaliations for the APP attacks against APP supporters while the APP was outlawed. His death was carried out in secret and no violence occurred

  • 1986 to Present:

Since 1986 the United States kept states and establish regional administrators who serve in the Presidential cabinet keeping tabs on the states they oversea. The US economy is now a Socialist Libertarian Economy. States have limited powers then before 1986. The USA today doesn't experience chronic homeless shortages. The world still has uprisings but limited places still have its wars. The US by 2002 finally concluded peace when the remnants of the former Government surrender. 2016 Marks 33 years of peace that a war would of been prevented if Jimmy Carter had not banned a political group. Jimmy Carter and most of the two former administrations are still alive in Prison. Former President Nixon died in 1994 in exile in China even though not indicted the current Government didn't believe a second-rate burglary was worth a trial. But Nixon choose to leave and never returned to reside or visit.. Nearly 45 million Americans who left from 1982 to 1984 have returned. But 66 million Americans currently remain in Exile and their descendants. In 1998 Imprisoned Jimmy Carter released his long awaited biography and that due to age and good behavior in Prion he would be released on October 1, 2016 the day the two-year war ended.

  • Foreign Relations

The New US Government decided in October 1986 to Send US Troops to the Southwest African Conflict with the GDR and Cubans to help end Apartheid and South African occupation of the area called Namibia aka South West Africa and Walvis Bay and for 24 months the conflict raged on until complete collapse of the Apartheid regime and help establish a Communist Government similar to the one in the United States. Also the new United States Government decided in May 1989 to help Zairian rebels over throw Moboto Sesko and took 36 months to accomplish and in June 1992 his regime. In 1997 the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact nation financially collapse and communism ended and the US Government under Bernard Sanders decided to take over responsibility of aiding fellow communist nations and his administration decided to allow some private ownership of large state own companies.

  • Opposition to the Current Government

Federal Government of the United States of America in Exile=Headed by Ousted Former US Senator Bob Dole who in September 1983 evacuated from the United States with his wife Elizabeth Dole via Canada and was proclaimed the legitimate American Leader in Exile when Ronald Reagan was executed in March 1985 when Howard Baker who was the last Senate Majority leader who would of been the exile leader had already died in May 1983 when Senator Howard Baker and his wife Joy both died in Huntsville,TN during a bombing raid by the Soviet Union that targeted key US lawmakers who would in the even of a change of Government would assume the role of leader in Exile. As many lawmakers were targeted those who survived evacuated to other countries to find sanctuary in the case of the US Government being changed. It claims to represent the largest exile Americans numbering at 66 million people living on every livable Continent whose help contributes to the economies, sciences and militarizes remain strong. The Federal Government of the United States of America in exile is based in Vienna, Austria.

US Governors and state legislatures in Exile. This group consists of living former members of state legislatures or living former Governors who went into exile. Based in numerous nations all over the world. They or their successors plan on someday returning home.

American Republicans in Exile. Headed by Thomas Delay who in 1983 was a member of the Texas House of Representatives. He succeeded Robert H. Michel the last Minority Party in 1983. American Republicans in Exile supports those who didn't Join the current one state Unity Party in 1983 financially and with communications. Currently American Republicans in Exile is based in Dublin, Ireland.

American Democrats in Exile= Currently headed by Steny Hoyer who was the last democrat Member of the US House of Representatives. He succeeded James Wright the last Democrat leader prior to the Government collapse in 1983. Steny Hoyer took over from James Wright in 2004 and has since served as Democrats in Exile ever since. Steny Hoyer along with Thomas Delay have brought attention to the world how the betrayal of 1982 to 1983 brought about the current Government in Washington, DC and waiting for the day a multi-party system and freedom is returned. Currently based in Dublin, Ireland.

Other Political parties in Exile either are in Ottawa, Jerusalem or Sydney with the same goal as Democrats and Republicans of a free America.

  • Pro-Government groups

American Peoples Unity Party is the One State Party that merged all other parties in November 1983

APP Brigade is a veterans organization of those who fought from 1981 to 1983 overthrowing Fascism and bringing into power the current government with help of our allies.

Unity Youth Wing Whose mission is to defend the government from internal enemies

American Peoples Unity Party Abroad -s the international wing of the party who makes sure Loyal Americans abroad get a chance to not miss anything from home and educate how the party is doing back home. Also supervises voting abroad.

Hope you enjoyed a brief history

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