The American Civil Wars were a series of Civil Wars in the North American Continent. They began after the Austin-Washington Letters were leaked to the public. These letters were between Texan President (INH) and US President (INH). They talked about the ways best to stop the spread of Slavery. The Immigration Limit Act came out because of these letters, and helped the Abolitionists. Pro-Slavery Forces everywhere were outraged, and seceded. The Free State of Texas and the Confederate States of America both declared their independence. Soon, the first of many Civil Wars would begin.

Texan Civil War

The First Battle of the War was the Battle of Reno. It was a victory for the Republic of Texas, and allowed for the invasion of FST occupied California. 4500 Government Forces died, and 5000 Rebel Militia members died. Small skirmishes and battles were held around Reno, but the Republic didn't get father than that as they were still raising a larger army. The next year the Republic invaded, thus starting the Californian Campaign. California fell within three months. It was a major loss for the FST, because a large amount of potential soldiers lived there. Most of the Militia there died, with 19,000 of the 20,000 FST troops there dead. They managed to kill half of the 50,000 strong Republic armies. While this was happening, the FST got a 30,000 strong army ready and invaded El Paso. They took the town, with 15,000 dead, but managed to kill 12,000 Government Soldiers. Soon devastating news reached the Capital, San Antonio: Large amounts of gold were found in California, and large amounts of Europeans were moving to the Republic to join the army in exchange for land. In Texas, the Land for Work Program. The next year, over 300,000 soldiers were assembled by the Republic, and they had two armies of 150,000 each made from these recruits. The Armadillo Plan begun, which was one army took Abilene while the other took the Capital, San Antonio. They would move on and took Del Rio. The Plan was a success, and all three cities fell. Over 70,000 Government troops died, and over 95,000 rebels died. Soon negotiations began, and four months later the Treaty of Little Rock was made, effectively ending the FST.

American Civil War

The American Civil War was the bloodiest of all Civil Wars in North America. The first battle came at Burham, after the US declared war on the CSA. It was a major victory for the US and set the stage for an invasion of North Carolina. 45,000 Union Soldiers had attacked the city, and 4500 died. The Confederacy had 10,000 troops, most of them militia, and 9000 of them died or were captured. Soon, another Battle raged. It was the Battle of Raleigh, where the Confederacy was positioning most of its Carolinian forces. The 40,500 Union troops attacked the city, but what they didn't know was the the Confederacy had sent two cavalry units with 40,000 men in each to Raleigh. After two months of fighting, they finally arrived, and helped turn the tide. The Union had 40,500 troops, and lost 35,000. The Confederates had 110,000 troops, and lost 33,000. This battle helped prevent the Union from advancing past Raleigh, and allowed the Confederates to get their military ready. In Arkansas, a Union army of 60,000 attacked Hoxie, and quickly overran the town's small defenses. The Union army advanced and quickly took the city of Tulsa. All together, they lost 10,000 men. The Confederates lost 14,000 troops. These two battles allowed the Union to be able to get into Arkansas. The next year, the Union attacked Little Rock, and took the town after losing 30,000 men out of a 50,000 strong army. However, the Confederates had put most of their men that were in Arkansas and Louisiana in Little Rock, so now a large amount of the territory was now empty. Two months later, Union Soldiers marched through New Orleans and took the city with little resistance. Meanwhile, in North Carolina, Union Soldiers once again clashed with Confederate Soldiers, however they lost at Tulsa and were driven out of Carolina completely. This defeat helped save the Confederacy, and allowed for them to get more recruits and boost morale. The war was going well for the Confederacy, until their main ally, the FST was invaded and about to be defeated. The Confederates saw only two choices: Stay in the war with the US and possibly Texas, or negotiate a peace that wouldn't be as hard on the Confederacy. They choose the second option, and after four months of negotiations, the Treaty of Little Rock was signed. The War was finally over.

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