This is a TL which explores the possibility of CSA winning the Civil War early, without foreign intervention.


At the time that the slave states seceded and formed the CSA, there are pro-CSA riots in Kentucky, Missouri, Maryland and Delaware forcing their governors to vote on seceding from the USA to protect their rights to slavery and to protect themselves and to reduce the dependency of the USA government to the Northern States and to contain the Northern States influence in the congress, those state election results are in favor of join the CSA. Kentucky, Missouri, Maryland and Delaware secede and join the CSA.

President Jefferson Davis first act is to order the arrest of Abraham Lincoln by force if necessary. Virginia and Maryland militia's are dispatched to District of Columbia to arrest Abraham Lincoln. A siege of the Washington DC ensues, with the District of Columbia being occupied by CSA forces in a matter of hours, being undefended. Abraham Lincoln is arrested by CSA forces in Washington DC and is sent to the CSA capital Richmond as POW (Prisoner of War).

Union Vice President Hannibal Hamlin manages to flee to New York and form a provisional government, with the help of most of the escaped Union senators. Provisional Government is harsh with its people in an attempt to establish legitimacy, becomes increasingly authoritarian/draconian/tyrannical arresting anyone thought of collaborating with the CSA government, hunting shadows inside its dominion, after the recent events, fearing being deposed by the Southern slave owners, thus support for the war in the Union is very low.

CSA president Jefferson Davis, after the advise of some of his generals, in a bold attempt to win over the native American's support, in order to support a future campaign that could end the American Civil War quickly, promises to the various native American chiefs, a stop to the white men rapid expansion into their lands and a chance of weakening and taking their revenge from the USA federal government which has committed so many crimes against them, should the help the CSA resulting in most of the native American chiefs declaring their unquestionable support for the CSA and forming the Native brigades, which after a month became the Native CSA forces, which are equipped with CSA most modern weaponry. However President Jefferson Davis alliance with the various native American chiefs, resulted in reduced approval for the government nationwide.

With the Confederate forces outnumbering the Union forces, due to the recent formation of the Native brigades, the surplus forces are send to take over the USA territories to cut Union supply lines with the West Coast, due to the majority of the population of the USA territories being native Americans, who wholeheartedly now support the CSA, the territories fall to the CSA advancing forces in a matter of days. Pro-CSA uprisings in Southern California succeed with CSA forces stepping in. After a few days the whole West coast falls to CSA advancing forces.

Before the Union manages to organize its defenses properly, CSA forces assemble west of Minnesota and Iowa and launch a offensive, Union forces are unprepared, while they didn't expected a CSA attack from there, with the Union general command having positioned their forces defensively towards Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland and Delaware, thus CSA offensive is very successful, with CSA forces swarming the Old Northwest and Union forces disorderly retreating to Pennsylvania. There CSA forces mass execute pro-abolition groups, forcing much of the region's population to flee to the territories under Union control, following the Union forces, to escape persecution from the Confederate Forces.

War ends after a treaty is signed between the CSA and the Union, with the USA retaining control over Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. CSA gains the rest of the former USA states and territories.

Former USA states now under control of the CSA are admitted into the Confederate States of America as slave states, territories are also admitted as CSA states.

Immediately after the end of the war, natives demanded White people to leave their lands, President Jefferson Davis reacted by launcing the war of integration, which Confederate forces who had fought against the Union, now turned against their allies, the native americans, in order to force them to integrate in their great nation as President Jefferson Davis dictated, this conflicts were bloody, even after the arrest and disarmament of the Native brigades, the ones who escaped continue fighting a bloody war for more than 7 years against the Confederates, with lots of casualties on both sides. President Jefferson Davis was ousted for president, with people now turning on him for his decision to give modern equipment to the natives, the desicion which made the Confederate States of America to win the American Civil War, was now the reason that so many casualties happened among the White people of the CSA. Around 100.000 white people and 40.000 natives died in that war.

After the war of integration, the Natives started gradually to assimilate/integrate with the rest of the society. Native resarvations were dissolved all across the Confederate States of America.

Following world wide pressure to the CSA to abolish slavery and after a blockade being implemented by European Powers, led by the UK, to pressure the Confederate Government to abolish slavery, Confederate President ... instructs important slave owners to sell most of their slaves and invest the money they earn to build an industrial base for the nation, so that they will lose the less of their wealth as possible, cause they knew an end to slavery was inevitable. After the Confederate Government declares that giving up to the demands of the European powers is out of the question, assuring the slave owners that they will retain their properties, slaves are bought by the Confederate middle class and lower class, at low prices, which end up losing most of their money, but getting compensated by the Confederate Government, to lessen their anger.

In 1888 CSA changes its policies more like the OTL Apartheid in South Africa.

Slave and plantation owners who now own the industries, got the black people working for their industries for nothing.

CSA changed its policy after huge pressure from the rest of the world.

With the USA destroyed and limited most of the immigrants coming to America, go to the CSA cause of an OTL homestead act equivalent.


At the time WW1 begins CSA has three times the population that USA have, CSA has 75 million people and USA has 25 million people.

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