This is about if Canada was conquered by American Forces in the American Revolution.

American Canada

USA's Boundaries by 2000 AD


  • 12/31/1775: Benedict Arnold succeeds in conquering Montreal.

  • 1/21/1776: Arnold heads west with more revolutionaries from Canada toward New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

  • 2/4/1776: After Arnold takes New Brunswick, French forces rendezvous with him to head for Nova Scotia.

  • 2/28/1776: Nova Scotia is conquered. Both forces attack Northern Quebec, and Newfoundland.

  • 4/15/-5/10/1776: Arnold turns south to the rest of Southern Ontario, then heads back to New York.

  • 7/4/1776: The Declaration of Independence is signed, with representatives from all colonies and from Upper and Lower Canada.

  • 1776-78: Because of Britain's loss of Canada, the United States was able to push England out of North America, and wins the war.

  • 1787: Constitution is written. The Original States are admitted including Quebec, Toronto (Southern Ontario), Newfoundland, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.

  • 1799: Washington Dies.

  • 1802: Jefferson purchases Louisiana from Napoleonic France.

  • 1812: After impressment of American Sailors, United States declares war on Britain.

  • 1812-1814: War rages with Britain, but American Forces easily push out the British. Jamaica is acquired from England.

  • 5/21/-12/12/1820: The First Great French American Rebellion starts over the restless Québécois demanding freedom from the United States. After several petitions turned down by the United States Congress, the citizens begin "cleansing" Quebec of English speaking Americans. President Monroe sends troops to silence the rebels. After successfully crushing the rebellion, Europe rebukes Monroe for being a "tyrant", "dictator", and a hypocrite. Monroe announces that it was necessary for them to destroy the rebellion for National Security.

The French have been silenced, for now...

  • 1821: Florida is acquired from Spain. Britain becomes concerned over U.S. expansion. They demand that they would invade the U.S. if they would expand their borders. Monroe signs a treaty with Britain to not to expand territory without Europe's consent.

  • 1835-36: The Texas Revolution occurs, English speaking residents of Modern-day Republic of Texas declares independence from Mexico. After a bloody war, Texas became independent. The Republic of Texas is established, with Samuel Houston as President. The new nation has a strong American Influence. Europe fears of this is possibly a new way to conquer North America.

  • 1840-1842: The Caribbean War occurs when Spain invades New Providence of the Bahamas and Jamaica of the United States. Spain claims that the attacks were necessary for "National Interest and Security". Britain and the United States declare war on the Spanish. Throughout the war, Spain conquered many Islands, but lost all of them except Puerto Rico to Britain and the U.S. Britain decides to dissolve the Land Expansion treaty with an alliance.

  • 1850: Mormons in Utah declare independence from Mexico (after settling there in the late 1830s). Mexico threatens them to surrender their Nation or they would be destroyed.

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