America's allies

American Allies

has allies spanning from Europe to Asia, and is responsible for the protection of her allies, and the movement to end French influence outside of Europe. When the Cold War began following the American detonation of Trinity, Arabia and Japan sided with the US, while China and Thailand sided with France.

As the Cold War increased into the 1960s and 1970s, the neutral countries (Celtic Alliance, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, and South Africa) became divided between monarchism and democracy. Following the defeat of the Argentians in the Argentina-Brazil War, the Celtic Alliance, Brazil, and South Africa sided with the United States, while Venezuela and Argentina sided with France.

When the Cold War reached the 1990s, Egypt joined the French-side of the Cold War, while Oceania finally joined the American-side, resulting in Anti-French Pact being formed on July 12, 1998. Gran Colombia and the Republic of Georgia joined the American-side in 2001, and Siberia joined in 2002.

As the Cold War continues, the Syrians living under the oppressing rule of the Turks, declared independence on 2008, and started the Syrian War for Independence on July 12, 2011.

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