Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler, Führer (Leader) of the Greater German Reich

Germany invades Poland. France and Britain declare war on Germany. Poland is quickly taken. Hitler realizes that he can not fight the USSR, Britain and France at once. He signs a neutrality pact with the Soviet Union.


Hitler brings all of his forces against Britain and France. With more troops, Germany quickly races across France. With more troops, the Germans overwhelm the British and French at Dunkirk and eliminate the British army.

America does not want to get involved in this war. All Franklin D. Roosevelt can do is send limited aid to the British. Hitler orders his U-Boats not to target American ships.

Hitler's Air Force eliminates the RAF and Operation Sea Lion is put in effect. With German troops on their shores and without an army to defend themselves, Britain surrenders. America watches as western Europe is under Hitler's control. The war would be called the European War.


Even though Hitler dislikes America, he hates the communists even more. He realizes that a war with America would be too costly and risky. He also realizes that an alliance with Japan is unneeded. Hitler orders Italy not to invade Egypt. Italy follows his orders.

Stunned that Europe has fallen, the President of America suffers a heart attack and dies. Harry Truman becomes the new President.

Hitler has sleeper agents in America bomb historical sights. He leaves evidence to make it seem as if the Soviet Union did it. The plan works and the Americans are enraged at the Soviet Union.

Hitler's spies in Japan report that the Japanese are planning to bomb Pearl Harbor. Hitler uses this to his advantage.

A week before December 7th, Hitler tells America of the Japanese plans. Hitler says that America and Germany should carry out a joint strike against the Japanese. Harry Truman is skeptical whether Hitler is telling the truth.

German spy planes take pictures of the Japanese fleet on December 5th and send them to Harry Truman. Truman is shocked and agrees to a joint strike against the Japanese.

When Japanese planes circle Pearl Harbor on December 7th, they find it deserted. When they return to the carriers, they hear shocking news. Japan was invaded by German and American forces. Japan is shocked that their ally betrayed them.

In two months, Japan is taken by American and German forces. Hitler is viewed a hero in the eyes of Americans. Hitler's plan is almost complete.


Hitler's next target is the Soviet Union. With almost unlimited resources, Germany has made nuclear bombs. To make sure he wins the support of America, he has agents place a nuclear bomb in Atlanta and one in Hamburg. He makes sure to leave ample evidence to make it seem as if the Soviets did this. The Soviets do not know anything. On April 7th, the nuclear bomb is detonated in Atlanta. 70,000 are left dead and Atlanta is left irradiated. Americans are shocked and do not know what happened.

On April 8th, the bomb in Hamburg in detonated and 80,000 Germans are left dead. All evidence points to the Soviet Union. Hitler's plan is working. The Americans are enraged and cry for a war against the Soviet Union. Hitler offers an alliance with America and vows to make the Soviet Union pay. America quickly accepts and plans an invasion of the USSR from Japan. America starts to research nuclear bombs and Germany starts to develop more bombs.


On April 20th, Germany invades the Soviet Union from the west and America from the east. The plan is that the two armies meet in Moscow for a pincer movement.

Stalin is shocked at what has happened. His forces are scattered and unprepared. The Americans make rapid movement towards Moscow. Within one week, five million Russians are dead.

With the winter months away, the Germans advance rapidly across Russia. The Russians make their last stand at Stalingrad. The fighting is brutal and two million are left dead. The Russians are able to make a hole in the German lines.

With Russians making progress in the fighting, Hitler request support from the Americans. 500,000 Americans are sent to the Eastern Front. With another 600,000 Germans, they must hold the line against six million Russians. On the Western Front, the fighting is bogged down and there are few advances made by either side.

Raining Bombs

The German and American lines in the Eastern front are pushed back to Poland. There are over 200,000 German and American casualties. The Russians ask if the Americans and Germans are ready to surrender. One famous General simply replied that; "We will tell you tonight." During the night, 10,000 German and American bombers destroy Leningrad.

The Stg44 is put into service by Germans and Americans. The results are devastating. Over two million Russians are dead by the fall of winter. The Germans and Americans are pushed back into Germany though. But the winter is a blessing to the Germans and Americans. With Russian forces stretched so much, not enough supplies can be given. The Americans and Germans seize the advantage.


A giant American and German counterattack made up of over three million people is put into effect. Over ten million Russians are killed in one month. In a desperate move, Stalin orders every able body to fight. The Western Front has finally picked up. Even though they have suffered 300,000 dead, the American Army is making progress. Faced by only second rate soldiers, the Americans kill over seven million Russians in a little over a week. These high casualties are due to Stalin's order of not one step back.

German and American forces have won the skies. This is only a moral victory though since almost constant bad weather in Russia makes flying planes almost suicidal.

Russian food shortages make pay a tremendous toll. Only soldiers are given food. Starvation claims the lives of over 30 million Russian civilians.

The Soviet Union is pinned against the wall. Moscow is the only intact Russian city left. Over 30 million refugees are packed into it. The military might of America and Germany continues to grow. With over 20 million troops against ten million Russian troops, the end is near. Stalin orders that not one man surrender.

The Cloud of Death

American and German forces surround Moscow. They are told to redraw to over 200 miles away from Moscow. Many soldiers are confused.

Hitler and Truman meet in Washington D.C. Hitler tells Truman that Germany has ten operational nuclear bombs. Truman admits that America has about the same number. Hitler tells Truman that they should bomb Moscow to dust. Truman agrees.

September 6th, 1945, American and German Forces drop ten nuclear bombs on Moscow. Moscow is obliterated and nothing remains. Over 25 million Russians perish. The land would remain irradiated for the next 100 years.

The End is Only the Beginning

Russia surrenders soon after and the war is over. With millions dead on all sides, Russia is left paralyzed. America and Germany become the world's Superpowers. Hitler's plan has worked.

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