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The Americans decide that this will only be the first nation to fall. They begin building up forces in the newly established Italian Republic, and update their operational plans to compensate for this starting point in Italy.

They strike quickly, but the buildup was noticeable, and the Reich forces had time to prepare for the coming assault. The mountains of northern Italy manage to contain the American advance for a time, but the large weight of American armor and airplanes gains the Americans access through the German first defensive lines. Of course, the U.S. wasn't betting everything on this strike. The forces they had remaining were gathered for a second offensive, one that would catch the Nazis off guard. An American Naval armada forces the straits of Gibraltar, and begins naval landings on the Mediterranean coast of France. This was unexpected, and the Nazis have to start shifting forces there before the Americans can hit the Nazi lines in Italy from the rear.

The Nazis are stretched for forces, but they are not yet defeated. Missiles have been launched from Europe to America, hitting major cities. Luckily, they were only loaded with explosive warheads, so chemical and nuclear weapons have not yet come into play. The Air war rages over the European airspace, and American ground forces advance against increasing Nazi resistance. The Italian front is a bloodbath for both sides, and the French front, while more fluid, is still tough going as each side suffers from lack of reserves. French citizens are conscripted into the German Wehrmacht, while French citizens in U.S. controlled territory voluntarily join in order to drive the Nazis out of France for good. The war could change at any moment however. what happens next?

Spain defects to the American side

The Russians join the war

The Nazi's crush the French landings

Created by: Azecreth 20:12, October 1, 2010 (UTC)

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