Three Mile Island was a nuclear power plant located in the middle of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, until March 28th 1979, when it melted down in this althistory.

March 27th 1979: The last day of normalcy

March 27th 1979 started out as any other day for the residents of Harrisburg PA.  The commonwealth congress was in session and was debating about whether to privatize the commuter service of Philadelphia.  The Three Mile Island nuclear power plant was running at normal capacity throughout the whole day, without a single incident, except for a report of a computer malfunctioning for a moment.  2/3's of the Commonwealth's elected officals were in Harrisburg for the next day's vote.  The governer was there as well. 

March 28th, 1979 4:00AM-Zero hour

On March 28th 1979 at 4:00AM, a computer system at the Three Mile Island Nuclear power plant malfunctioned and drained the coolant in the Nuclear core.  The workers present at the time made three calls before the core melted down.  One was to the Local news, giving a warning for them to broadcast.  The second was to General Public Utilities, saying what was happening, and the third was to Washington DC, but never got through, since the second it went through was when the core was exposed to air.  The result was the worst disaster in the the history of Pennsylvania, and the worst in the USA, until September 11th 2001. The first sign something was wrong was when the plant started to make a sound like thousands of firecrackers going off at once, with a bright light.  The light was part of the explosion.  The roof was blown off before the coolant levels could be  fixed, spewing huge amounts of radioactive particles into the Pennsylvania atmosphere, with residents unaware until they stepped outside, becoming unknowing victims.  The Plant then had another "Explosion", this one actually destroyed the entire plant, and created a crater 30 feet deep, and 30 feet wide.  Rumors were later started that a terroist group had placed a crude nuclear weapon inside, but these were quickly dispelled.  The full effect was not to be seen until sunrise of that morning, and it was a terrible sight to behold.  The island was completely erased from the earth, and three miles around was destroyed.  Estimates say that 200 people were disintegrated instantly, since no trace was ever found.

March 28th 9:00AM

At 9:00AM, President Jimmy Carter spoke to the nation about what happened. "Citizens of America, at 4:00AM Eastern Standard Time, a terrible accident occured at the Nuclear power plant located outside of Harrisburg PA.  At this moment, it is unknown how many people were affected by this, but it is safe to assume we will all be affected by this event.  I am declaring Marshall law in Central Pennsylvania, to keep the safety of the survivors as the top priority.  This was not an act of terrorism, nor an act of Iran or Soviet Union, but just a terrible, unfortunate accident.  God bless The residents of Pennsylvania, and us all, citizens of the United States of America".  Pittsburgh was declared the state capitol of Pennsylvania, due to the fact the de facto governer was currently living in Pittsburgh when Governor was killed in the blast. 

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