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The shorter supply lines to the US,and the larger American navy, allows them to cut off the Russian supply lines in Iceland.American forces beat the Russians back to the coast,and force their surrender, as the Russians can't evacuate. With Iceland secured for America, they begin building up forces there for naval landings in England. This is the beginning of the American crusade for capitalism and democracy.

Despite Soviet bombings, the forces buildup in Iceland grows to epic size. The American fleet sets sail,and the 1st Army lands in Scotland. The Soviet's have been prepared,and resist fiercely, but the American onslaught of men and metal forces the Soviets back and out of Britain. The British flag is raised above London, a devastated city, which was used by the Soviets as the setting for a brutal city battle. With the liberation of Britain,the Americans begin preparing for an invasion of Europe. Britain is turned into the Americans forward base, as they repair the infrastructure of the island, and begin building up their forces there. The American Navy surges into the English Channel,and the US Air Force contests the skies.

The invasion will soon begin, and the Soviet High Command is desperate to ensure that the Americans are met on the beaches. But where will the invasion come? And will the Soviets be able to stop it?

The Americans land in Northwest France

The Americans land in Spain

The Americans land in the Netherlands

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