flag of the America First Party

The America First Party was a US political party founded in 1935 by the coming together of various groups including the America First Committee, the Christian Front, the Non-Partisan League and the Ku Klux Klan. Its members were often called "Nativists"

It operated on a platform of States rights, limited Immigration and isolationism. It also rejected both capitalistic and communistic principles presenting themselves as a third force.

Its first winning presidential candidate was Charles A. Lindbergh.


After taking power, the party instituted a number of reforms, small ones at first but when put together, they had far reaching effects.

In education, the party proposed to increased litteracy by making reading and writing simpler. To do so, they introduced "American Standardised English", a system that used phonetic spelling and removed "foreign" terms, replacing them with neologism which were either compound words or had anglo-saxon roots.

In terms of religion, lawyers for the government drafted bills to clarify the notion of separation of church & state in that it cut both way. It meant that while the government couldn't favour a particular sect over another, it could legislate on religious behaviours if these affected the good of the country. As a consequence, the party, acting through government agencies, felt free to put pressure on communities who opposed certain policies (such as the amish refusing to serve in the army) or those who formed part of an international body (like the roman catholics) which was deemed to exert influence over its members that broke the pledge of alliegance. Some members of these religious groups refused to comply with the government demands and marginalised or even prosecuted. Many more however simply adapted, paying lip service to the law or joining comformist communities.

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