Welcome to the Amazons, Aliens and Canadamerica timeline.  This timeline follows three distinct PoDs that, while separate, all interconnect with each other.

First PoD: the Amazons

The first PoD is that the Amazons of Greek myth were a real ethnic group, who like the Jews, integrated themselves with the rest of the world.

Second PoD: Canadamerica

The second PoD is that the American Revolutionary War never happened, George Washington and King George III managed to work out an agreement that resulted in the merger of the Thirteen Colonies and Canada, resulting in a new nation 'Canadamerica' with a role similar to OTL Canada.

Third PoD: Aliens invade

The third PoD is that World War I (known in ATL as the Great War) was caused by an alien invasion similar to H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds. As a result, the pre-1914 borders of Europe are still in existence.

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