Amazonia War

February 16, 1972


March 4, 1974


Northern South America (Amazon Rainsforest)


Dark Brazilian Empire victory. Socialist countries colonized.


DB2 Dark Brazilian Empire
Supported by:
Flag of the United States United States Air Force

Flag of Venezuela Venezuela
Flag of Colombia Colombia
Flag of Ecuador Ecuador
Supported by:
Flag of the Soviet Union (1923-1955) Soviet Air Forces


DB2 D. Pedro III

Flag of Venezuela Rafael Caldera
Flag of Colombia Misael Pastrana
Flag of Ecuador Guillermo Rodríguez Lara


3 million soldiers

1.5 million soldiers

Casualties and Losses

c. 4000 soldiers died, 1300 civilians died

1.3 million civilians died
279.210 soldiers died

The Amazonia War began on February 16, 1972 when Brazilian soldiers stormed the three South American socialist countries: Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador. One of the bloodiest wars in Brazilian history, it consisted of more than two years of battles on the border of the Empire with these three republics. On April 3, 1972, the Soviet Air Forces arrives to assist the socialist alliance in the battle. Similarly, Brazil was supported by the American Air Force, which arrived on April 20. In March 1974, Brazil finally defeats all the remaining soldiers and colonizes the region.

Colonies after the fight

After the war, life in Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela becomes colonial. Inhabitants of these countries become subject to the laws of the Empire and possess less rights compared to inhabitants of central imperial lands.

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