República Amazónica
Amazonia Republic
1925 –
"A través del gran río andaremos."
Amazonia republic
Located in South America
Capital Muthawapa (3,607,143 inh)
Largest City Amazonas (4,789,543 inh)
Official language Spanish and Quechua
Government Type Federal Republic
-President Raul Huenupan
-Vice-president Oscar Cortes Carpio
- Independence
From Inca Empire
Area 1,005,000 km2
Population 20,447, 000
GDP Nominal $ 240, 456 biillion (31st)
GDP PPP 2007 $ 250, 786 billion (34th)
HDI 0.725
HDI Rank 65th (high)
Currency Amazon Real $
Demonym Amazon, Amazoni
Administrative Divisions 5 States, 2 Special Districts and 2 overseas territories
Religions Christianity and Qhapanaca


Picture from Muthawapa downtown

The Amazonia Republic, is a Federal Constitutional Republic localized in the central part of South America. It is bordered by the Republic of Great Colombia to the north, with the Inca Empire to the west and south, and with Brazil to the east. The republic is a federation divided in 4 states and its capital is Muthawapa. The country has a population of about 20,000,000 people.

It was an Incan territory since the XVIII century, but in 1925, the country declared its independence from the Incan Empire, however it wasn't recognized until the defeat of the Inca by the Allies during World War II. The country has a dual national identity, with the majority of the countrys population being Quechua (Inca) ascendant, and the eastern part being spanish descendant.

The country is a low-middle income country, with an estimated GDP (PPA) of $240 billion dollars.

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