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Amazon event
Atomic cloud over Nagasaki from Koyagi-jima
Cloud of debris as seen from Parauapebas over 550 km away from the impact site

Amazon Impact Location Map Location of the impact

Time 12:32 BRT (UTC-03:00)
Date 21 July 1969
Location State of Pará, Brazil, South America
Also known as Amazon basin impact
Brazilian event
Great Asteroid of 1969
Cause Asteroid impact
Direct deaths 7.4 million
Indirect deaths 3.1 billion
Injuries Over 40 million

The Amazon Event is the named used to described the collision of asteroid 1969 OM22 into the Amazon basin of Brazil on 21 July 1969. Resulting in the largest explosion in recorded history, the event is considered to be the worst natural disaster of all time causing 7.4 million deaths as a direct result of the impact with a further 3.1 billion (86% of the world's population) dying as a result of the indirect environmental catastrophe that followed in its wake.

With the asteroid having been discovered on 20 July by French astronomers shortly after the first manned moon landing by Apollo 11, it was quickly determined by a team at NASA through calculations based on it's magnitude and growing luminosity that it was one of the closest planetoids to Earth then discovered, and it was getting closer. Over the subsequent hours, most national space agencies turned their attention away from the moon landing and towards the newly discovered asteroid which was given the temporary designation of "1969 OM22", and whilst several astronomers feared impending disaster during these first hours they were shut down by collegues.

However, by UTC 13:00 on 21 July when it became apparent that the asteroid was on a collision course with Earth, space agencies worldwide began a frantic scramble to warn their respective governments of the dangers of asteroid impacts (the mechanics of which were not well understood at the time) after initial calculations of the rocks diameter came to be 2 km to 10 km, and despite many of their attempts to discern where the asteroid would land (many predicting somewhere over Africa or Asia), it finally fell over the Amazon basin at 12:32:51 BRT (UTC 15:32:51), releasing the energy equivilient of 45 teratons of TNT.

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