Berber flag
Official languages Tamazight/Amazighian (Berber), French, Arabic
Capital Ledzayer
Largest City Ledzayer
Population 18,439,000
HDI 0.872
Nation formed 1951
Currency Amazighian Dinar (AZD)
Our Timeline Equivalent Algeria, minus Oran.

Amazighia is a nation situated on the northern coast of Africa. Amazighia has a long history, and has been taken over by many nationalities, including Phoenecians and Punics, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and French. Through that period, the Berber people survived, now still representing a large majority of Amazighians (although there has been plenty of mixing, and not all Berber-speakers are completely Berber). Religions have fluctuated, too. Indigenous Berber beliefs lost ground to the Greek and Roman pantheon, which lost out to Christianity. Then, in the 600s, the Islamic invasions began. Over the next few centuries, it became largely Arabized, with some Berber holdouts. Then, in the 1600s, France gained power and much of the population converted to Christianity or Catharism. However, some Muslims remained. Finally, in 1948, Amazighia was free from France, and in 1951 became self-governing.



61% Non-Vegetarian
39% Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

73% Berbers
12% Arabs and Arabized Berbers
10% Europeans (chiefly French)
05% others (other North Africans, Sub-Saharan Africans, etc)

Note: Many people have a very mixed lineage, so even "Arabs" can be part Berber, Greek, Roman, etc.


Libyan Berber, always a major language of the majority, was continued to be taught under the French (along with French), but gained ground more after independence, when it was promoted above French in most situations.

76% Berber
09% Arabic
07% French
08% others

Note: French is by far the largest second-language taught, and just over 50% of the population (mostly in the cities) is competent in it.


30% Non-religious
29% Christian
23% Catholic
06% other Christian
27% Cathar
12% Muslim
02% others

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