Amaric Valomer
Gepid Coin Amaric Valomer.jpg
An Ardar featuring Amaric during his time as Consul.
17th Consul of the Gepid Republic
Time in Office 768-782
Predecessor Sigeric Bessas
Successor Goderic Hunigild
16th Leader of the Assembly
Time in Office 759-768
Predecessor Arimir Umund
Successor Goderic Hunigild
Time in Office 753-759
Time in Office 749-753
Justicar Vidimir Hunigild
Spouse Ermenica Umund
Issue Carobald Valomer

Ermenica Valomer
Richibald Valomer
Gaiseric Valomer
Ardaric Valomer
Hermenigild Valomer
Recimer Valomer
Vidimir Valomer

Full name
Amaric Valomer
Languages Gepid, Greek, Latin, Khazar
House Valomer
Father Hermenigild Valomer
Mother Glismona Aric
Born 721
Buteridava, Gepid Republic
Died 782
Sigerica, Caucasus, Gepid controlled territories
Religion Nicene Christianity
Occupation Linguistic, Military studies
Amaric Valomer was the 17th Consul of the Gepid Republic, an office he held from 768, succeeding to Sigeric Bessas as interim Consul, until his death in 782. Son of the Consul Hermenigild Valomer, who was a hero of the War for the Ashes of Rome, Amaric showed since young age many talents and a will for knowledge, which was rare among the members of the militaristic House Valomer.

Because of his actions and qualities, many historians consider him the greatest consul of the 8th century Gepid Republic, even surpassing his father. He is credited for many improvements to the military and foreign politic of the Republic, and was considered a national hero during the following years after his death.

Early Life

Amaric is the fourth and last child of Hermenigild Valomer and his wife Glismonica Aric, as she died giving him birth. This would result in the start of a difficult relationship with his father, who always felt Amaric was responsible of his wife's death.

Born during the last years of his Recimer Valomer's Consulate (his grandfather), he was liked by him, the Consul saying Amaric was his favorite grandson, protecting the young boy against his harsh father. Many historians point out that there was a good relationship between Recimer and Amaric.

However, Recimer died in 726, while Amaric was five years old, leaving him with his father, who had by now remarried. He was then forced to take part of hard and harsh training, which may or may not have been punishments. However, he rapidly excelled in most of them, and even began to interest himself to the different languages, which was a specialty of his stepmother Vadamerca Bessas, who rapidly became his surrogate mother. With her help, he was able to talk Gepid, Greek and Latin by the time of his majority, and he learned the Khazar language later on.

His siblings rapidly became jealous of him, especially when their father went to fight the War for the Ashes of Rome in 730. For this reason, he became much more closer to his half-brother Wiguric and half-sister Vadamerca.

By his majority (16 years old), he was married to a member of house Umund, which controlled the Senate as Leader of the Assembly, marrying the daughter of Arimir Umund. From their marriage would result 8 children, although only three of them survived their father.

First Offices in Politic

He entered the Senate at his majority in 737, while his father was fighting in Italy. He rapidly became an ardent supporter of House Bessas policies, and defended the honor of house Valomer in their father's absence, as his older brother Sisbert died in 734 from a disease.

However, he was not able to stop the end of his father's Consulate in 745, which resulted in the rise of Vithimiric Aric as the new Consul. Amaric failed to convince his father to remain in politics, which resulted in a crisis of leadership in House Valomer. In the end, they chose him to lead the House, as he was not only the older son of a former Consul, but also because he was the cousin of the actual Consul (his mother, Glismona Aric, being the sister of former Consul Galindus Aric, the father of Vithimiric Aric).

Because of this family connection, he was able to rise ranks easily during the Consulate of Vithimiric Aric, becoming Suspectant in 749, serving under the famous Justicar Vidimir Hunigild. He was then able to be chosen as general in 753, his military knowledge impressing his cousin.

However, his main achievement so far was to be elected Leader of the Assembly in 759, an office he was able to keep during the following 9 years. He was easily able to adapt from the change of Consul, having grown unsatisfied of Vithimiric Aric like many senators, and being a great supporter of Sigeric Bessas.

He supported the idea of an expedition in Caucasus, and even helped his half-brother Wiguric to be elected general in order to go with the Consul. He stayed in office, occupying many new functions because of the absence of the Consul, until the latter's death, along with his brother, in 768, making him by inheritance the new Consul by interim.

Consulate and Death



Amaric had 8 children with his wife Ermenica Umund (718-767), although only a few of them reached adulthood.

  • Carobald Valomer (M): 738-740. Died 2 years old from his weak health.
  • Ermenica Valomer (F): 741-775. Named after her mother, is the only daughter of Amaric. Married her cousin Roderic Umund (the 11th Justicar of the Gepid Republic).
  • Richibald Valomer (M): 745-751. Died in a hunting accident three months before his majority.
  • Gaiseric Valomer (M): 748- . Later became the Leader of the Gepid Expedition in Lombardy, then Leader of the Assembly.
  • Ardaric Valomer (M): 752- . Named after the Founder of House Valomer. Became a General, then Suspectant.
  • Hermenigild Valomer (M): 754-762 . Named after Amaric's father. He is the twin brother of Recimer. Died at the age of eight from disease.
  • Recimer Valomer (M): 754- . Named after Amaric's grandfather. He is the twin brother of Hermenigild. Became a General.
  • Vidimir Valomer (M): 756-770. Died at the age of 14 after committing suicide.

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