Amador Bueno
King of São Paulo
Reign 4 January 1641 - 15 June 1649
Coronation 4 January 1641
Predecessor Philip IV
Successor Amador II
Captain of São Vicente
Tenure 13 January 1627 - 6 August 1628
Predecessor Álvaro Luís do Vale
Successor Pedro da Mota Leite
Issue Diogo Bueno; Catarina da Ribeira; Amador Bueno, o Moço; Antonio Bueno da Ribeira; Bartolomeu Bueno; Francisco Bueno Bueno Luís; Maria Bueno da Ribeira; Ana de Ribeira e Isabel da Ribeira
Full name
Amador Bueno da Ribeira
House House of Ribeira
Father Bartolomeu Bueno de Ribeira
Mother Maria Pires
Born c. 1584
São Paulo, Colonial Brazil
Died 15 June 1649
São Paulo, Brazil

Burial Saint Bento's crurch
Religion Roman Catholicism
Amador Bueno (c. 1584 - c. 1649) was a landowner, colonial administrator of the Captaincy of São Vicente (Colonial Brazil) and the King of São Paulo.

Bueno was born around 1584 in the city of São Paulo, Captaincy of São Vicente which is now the Province of São Vicente. He was born to Bartolomeu Bueno da Ribeira, a Spanish settler from Seville and Maria Pires, from São Paulo, daughter of Salvador Pires and Mécia Fernandes. Amador held several public office posts through royal appointment and elections.

Since 1580, the Kingdom of Portugal was in a dynastic union with the Kingdom of Spain, up until 1640, when the Portuguese acclaimed John IV of Portugal as the new king. A largely Spanish contingent in São Paulo broke away from both in 1641. Without Bueno's consent, they claimed him to be their king. Bueno finally accept the offer and was crowned the King.

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