Alyeskan Confederacy
Аляскинский Конфедерация
Alyeskanskiy Konfederatsiya

Timeline: Days After Chaos

OTL equivalent: Coast of Alaska
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

TBD (Russian)

Anthem "TBD"
Capital Novoarkhangelsk
Largest city Novoarkhangelsk
Other cities LIST
  others Native Athabaskan languages
Religion Russian Orthodoxy
Ethnic Groups
Alyeskan (Russian)
  others Athabaskan
Demonym Alyeskan
Government Confederacy
Metropolitan TBD
Population TBD 
Established TBD
The Alyeskan Confederacy (Russian: Аляскинский Конфедерация or Alyeskanskiy Konfederatsiya) is a collection of small towns, villages, and outposts in the Alaskan Panhandle that are settled by former Russian colonists. Established in 19__ from the remnants of an advanced civilization (believed to have originated from Vladivostok), the Alyeskan Confederacy is relatively isolated and surrounded by Borealia.


Early History

Russian settlement of Alaska

The Chaos

Cut off from Russia

Government and Politics

Different states of the Confederacy

Interstate politics

Election of the Metropolitan


Not too advanced


Some trade with natives, Russians, Cascadians


A sort of Russian culture with native influences The culture of the Alyeskan Confederacy varies greatly between the different outposts, villages, and towns of the Confederacy. A few common features can be observed in the majority of localities, however. They are:

  • Russian language
  • Orthodox religion
  • Eastern European (Vladivostokian) leadership

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