Russian Empire of Alyeska
Русский Империя Аляски
Timeline: timeline

OTL equivalent: Alaska (minus the panhandle) and the Siberian regions of Chukotka & Kamchatka
Flag of Russia
Flag of Alaska
(and largest city)
Novy Petrograd (OTL Anchorage)
  others Aleut
Empress Maria I Vladimirovna Romanova
Prime Minister Alexander Mikhailovitch Golytsin
Area 2,927,938 km²
Population 2,057,116 
Currency Ruble

Occupied by Inuit, Aleut, and other native American groups for more than ten thousand years, the Alaskan Peninsula came under the control of the Russian Empire in the 18th century, following the establishment of a colonoy on OTL Kodiak Island in 1783. Today the peninsula is the core of the Russian Empire, and home of the Empress-in-Exile, Maria I Romanova.

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