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The Althistory Wiki ( is a wiki based on alternate history, a genre of fiction that focuses on history that diverges from ours. The Althistory Wiki originated as an expansion of Yahoo! althistory group. However, it has since grown to have over eight million registered users. The wiki hosts every kind of alternate history, from the formation of the universe to the presidential election of 2012.

The wiki also possesses Map Games, which have become one of the most popular features. In Map Games, players pick a country and role play throughout the years as that nation.

There are many notable alternate histories.

Alternate Histories

1980: Doomsday

In 1980: Doomsday, an error results in Japan launching a barrage of nuclear weapons against the United States, and vice versa. This results in billions of deaths. The timeline showed promise at first, but lack of interest and implausibility led to it ultimately being a failure.

Step in a New Direction

In this timeline, Vice President John McCain decides to run as an independent in the 2012 election, ultimately splitting the vote and narrowly winning the election. It's a new timeline, but has shown a lot of potential.

Central Victory

Stalin Umer

In this alternate history by Sir Evulz, Stalin dies as a child, leaving Leon Trotsky as the successor to Lenin. Trotsky launches an invasion of Europe shortly after the Great Depression, killing millions and leaving Europe a collection of puppet states. It falls apart when the Soviet Union collapses in the 1980's, leaving many countries unstable even in the modern day.

World of Fascists

A featured timeline, World of Fascists is considered one of the best. The main POD is Alfred Hugenberg getting into an automobile accident in September of 1928. He survives, but becomes paralyzed and unable to become chairman of the DNVP. Without a strong leader, the party stagnates. Meanwhile, Joseph Goebbels manages to take back the Nazi Party from Heinrich Himmler. Following the Great Depression, the Nazis see a surge in numbers. Almost concurrently, Oswald Mosley comes to power by appealing to the people rather than emphasizing intellectual points. Eventually, Mosley and the British Union of Fascists dominate Parliament by using the economic depression to their advantage. Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom all sign an alliance in opposition to the Soviet Union. Germany strikes first in 1944, starting an early Great World War.

Authored by Octavian Marius, it presents a well-written, researched history that timelines like 1980: Doomsday lack.

Satomi Maiden ~ Third Power

Satomi Maiden ~ Third Power World Map (Der Führer ist Tot)

Map of the World in Satomi Maiden ~ Third Power.

An alternate history by Seiga Miyako, formerly known as 8 やさか かなこ. It has the Satomi and Ashikaga forces winning the Battle of Kōnodai, leading Satomi Yoshihiro uniting Japan by the 1580s. By 1590, Japan would begin to colonise the Americas, with China and Korea following suit. Meanwhile in Europe, England had conflicts with Denmark-Norway; Scandinavia, Italy, Netherlands, and Portugal became the other major colonisers of the Americas, and France was a growing power in its own right. Later Japan, China, and Korea colonised most of Africa and parts of Europe, and had spread Shinto, Taoism, and Buddhism everywhere.

In 1919, René Mayer was shot in the First World War preventing him from coming power in France later on. The Treaty of Oslo is signed, ending the war and put restrictions on the new France Republic. Édouard Daladier later becomes leader of France, turning the Republic into the French State by the 1930s.

The Second World War begun in 1947 with the Soviet invasion of Finland. Almost every nation was involved except for Switzerland and the Federal Republic of Kōshi, and France switched sides in the war around 1951 following the collapse of the French State. This huge war led to the fall of the Soviet Union and communism worldwide. After the war, Hongjiang lost some land to Moriya, New Venice, and Namyangju; France had given French held Spain (Catalonia), Algeria, and Benelux independence; and the Soviet Union had lost land to Finland, China, and Japan as well as giving independence to Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, and Tatarstan.

By modern day, Japan, Korea, China, and Kōshi are the superpowers of the world.

In the Touhou Project, the main characters are Seiga Kaku, Kasen Ibaraki, and Reimu Hakurei.

World of the Rising Sun

Previously in this timeline, humans had appeared in Japan first instead of Africa. As such, the world became much under Japanese influence and empires started much earlier, along with technology developing faster. Japan led the colonisation of Siberia and Central Asia, the Vikings, Finns, and Slovaks grew into powerful nations, the United States was colonised by France, and more. France, Russia, China, and Texas (previously the United States) are featured as the main enemies to Japan and its allies, even after the Third World War.

The timeline had been completely rewritten due to various reasons. The new PoD is the Soga clan holding their influence and don't diminish in the Seventh Century. The timeline presents a new world, in which the Mongol Empire didn't completely collapse, Sri Vijaya survives and conquered all of South East Asia, powerful African nations emerged and resisting colonisation, a Nordic Federation etc. Japan still leads the colonisation of Siberia and Central Asia. Unlike its predecessor, there is only one World War, in which it took place from 1945 to 1968 and was against Communism. France, Russia, and the United States were in the Comintern, while Japan and friends were in the Allied side. The war led to complete dissolution to the Comintern: the United States were divided between Mexico and Canada; France was annexed by Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Nordics, and Italy; and the rest of Russia were annexed by Tatarstan.

In the modern day, Japan is the sole Hyperpower on Earth. The Nordic Federation had merged into the European Federation in 2005, and by 2008 the European Federation had achieved superpower status. Other major nations include Tatarstan, African Union, Arabian Federation, Turkey, India and Sri Vijaya. Shinto and Taoism are the dominating religions in the world, with Hinduism, Buddhism, and various Pagan religions (such as the Norse) being popular in their own regions.

The main characters of the Touhou Project are Soga no Tojiko and Satori Komeiji.

Map Games

Principia Moderni I, II, and III

Great World War series

Rise of the Living Alternate History I and II

Notable Users

Octavian Marius




Emperor Evulz

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