This timeline is where, world's important conflicts bring alternative results that could change the world as we know it. The important nations to be kept informed are Western Roman Empire, Han Dynasty of China, Baekje, Germany, France, Spain and UK (By the way, there is no such nation called United States for US Independence War was won by UK.).  Also, please note that Middle Ages of this very timeline starts at AD 416 after death of Theodosius I, when Roman Empire split into halves.  Also events are marked not by starting time but ending time.

Ancient Conflicts

Three Kingdom Period of China:  Liu Bei wins.  Han Dynasty is restored.

Medieval Conflicts

Western Roman-Barbaric Wars:  Western Roman Empire survives with Soisson, Dalmatia, and Italian provinces and spreads Western Christianity across many barbaric tribes, including some Slavian tribes.

Three Kingdom Period of Korea:  Baekje-Goguryeo Alliance wins.  Baekje and Goguryeo fights and Baekje becomes ultimate victor with lands of Goguryeo

Eastern Roman-Slavic Wars:  Absolute loss of Byzantines.  Slavs claims the Eastern Europe and become Christianized.

Jihad:  Islam wins against Slavs and takes Holy Land, Syria, Egypt but not North-Western Africa of Vandals.

Crusades:  Western Roman Empire regains Holy Land, Northern Egypt, while France gains Syria.

Early Modern Comflicts

Modern Conflicts

Contemporary Conflicts

Currently Surviving Important Nations

Western Roman Empire

Han Dynasty of China


Weimar Republic of Central Europe

United Kingdom of Great Britain, Ireland, and Brittany

Iberian Union

Important Defunct Nations






Mugal Empire

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